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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Are We Immortal...or not?

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hi, yes this is justice and not mercy.they are condemned already. God can do whatever He wants to do about eternal damnation but that is what the bible promises to those who reject the cross of Jesus.this is why we need to be about the fathers business of making disciples and not sitting on our laurels

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Is Christ immortal? Is Christ in you? Do we have a body, soul and spirit. When did man become mortal, "surely die".

When faith is come to believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, "eternal life with God in Christ JEsus". what part of body, soul and spirit died when Adam ate of the forbiden tree? All died and was separated from God. What part is made alive and becomes immortal when we believe and are born again? Our Spirit is now the Spirit of Christ which is immortal, our soul now has the capacity to have the mind of Christ which is immortal, the only thing left that is mortal is the body and it on resurrection day will also be immortal.

What is alive and becoming alive unto God? Spirit and soul. What part is still mortal and will "surely die"?
The only thing left for God to bring into captivity is the body, like the body of Christ. The spirit and soul are already captive and are immortal. Those that don't believe and have no faith have no eternal life unto God through Jesus Christ who has been born again in the believer. The unbeliever has mortality unto self and shall live unto self and his mortal master satan, who is thrown into the pit and live with him forever, separated and dead to God forever. "surely die" (HELL) Mortal cannot mean out of existence, but surly dead unto God and separated forever, spirit and soul, body of flesh dying and decade.

Learning and still learning in Christ:

Phillip, two parts immortal and one part mortal but quickened to contain immortality Himself, until it dies or is changed in the twinkling of and eye.


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I initially asked this question because of a quote I read by theology professor Christopher Morgan:

"Orthodox theologians have consistently taught that only God is inherently immortal. The real issue is whether God grants endless existence to unbelievers for the purpose of punishing them.... the wicked will be punished consciously forever in hell, not because they exist as immortal souls but because God will sustain them."


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the resarection of damnation ,would imply ,,,souls would be reunited with a body similar to ours ,with nerves and fellings and concence

the life of damation ,would be how i would translate ,the resarection of damnation

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Maybe another way to think of it perhaps. God is immortal in Himself. He alone is the Fountain of Life. Life/Immortality are at the very core of the Divine nature and essence. Everything else that has any kind of life, animals, angels, men etc, derive their life from God alone. With God life is part of who He is, with the creature it is a gift from God. Every moment of our existence not only in eternity but right now in time, depends upon God (Acts 17:25). Both our bodies and our souls depend upon Him for existence and all believers depend upon Christ, and the Holy Spirit living in us for eternal life/life unto God.

The wicked will be punished consciously forever in hell, yes, because God will sustain them, (likewise the redemeed will eternally be sustained by God as well). But this is because while they lived their lives on earth, graciously made to worship and adore the infinitely awesome God, they instead rejected and hated Him and His Son, all the while depending upon Him for every moment of existence.


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We have a body that contains God's created life, the life He breathed into Adam, and that same created life is passed on, generation after generation. When we are saved, our soul, (not our body) is given a seal, The Holy Spirit, the abundent life that Jesus spoke of. This life, is God's very own eternal life, not the created life. This is the life that Jesus had to die and rise for so we to May be conformed to His likeness. The life that over rides the law of sin and death in our flesh until we are given a new body, one that does not war against The Holy Spirit.

Nicholas Robinson

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