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 Hail, pilgrims!

I'm a brand plucked from the fire.

What I like is to think again about scripture we may have fallen asleep to. (A preposition is a bad word to end a sentence with)

For example, all the arguments over baptism through the ages. Jesus himself said "I have a baptism to go through" after He was baptised.

Baptism as an ordinary Greek word was supposed to mean saturation, immersion, soaking, plunging, even sinking. The Greek was used to describe a ship sinking or a soldier who made the mistake of jumping into a river with all his armor on, sinking. The Greek was used to describe the process to temper steel swords by plunging into oil (or some poor animal or prisoner). The Greek was used to describe dyeing cloth, soaking or saturation.

Today, a parallel would be those schools in which the student is immersed in a foreign language. In other words, like an American school in which all subjects are taught in French. Science is taught in French, mathematics is taught in French, American history is taught in French, et cetera.

Our work that we are to be immersed in is growing up into Christ. Our project that we are to plunge into is growing up into Christ. The water we are to be soaked into is the Water of the Word. The dye we are to be saturated is the Blood of the Lamb.

Our actual act of water baptism is a play set on a stage to re-enact that moment which we confessed the Lord Jesus and was sealed with the Holy Spirit. We were crucified with Christ, buried with Him, and are daily resurrected in Him, and on the last day will come home with Him, glorified.

We are just humans who don't always say the right things or perform exactly to script, but the act is a re-enactment of what God has perfectly done for us. The re-enactment doesn't save us, but it does re-enact an act that does save us.

Are you being saturated/soaked/immersed/plunged into Jesus by His words, His gospel?

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