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 Does Anyone Know if this is True? ...

i was watching a Christian program on World Missions the other night that said ...

"America has 95% of all the preachers on the planet, all preaching to 5% to 6% of the planet's population" ...

Meaning America itself ... Can this be true?

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 Re: Does Anyone Know if this is True? ...

It might just be possible with the number of trained, ordained denominationally ministers. But I doubt it is an accurate figure for today. The UK has quite a few churches in it, South Korea has a booming church, China's house churches are definitely fed with uncounted preachers (with many millions of estimated attenders), and at least where I was in Africa, there are quite a few churches, some of which have multiple preachers. That, and I doubt many of the missionaries out there are counted in that number, even though many of them do spread the word to wide bodies of people.

So I guess it depends on how you define "preacher."

David Reynolds

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Probably just a twisted statistic.

I'm sure if you take all the 'mail-order' preachers in this country and those who no longer practice, and ministers of other faiths (what is Christian anyway, to this society?), you can come up with a number like that, but it's hardly reality in the way we might think about it.

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Here's something to make you think:

The tide is shifting, so to speak.
Other countries are sending Missionaries to America! It seems that some countries would rather not have our Missionaries enter their land with our compromised Gospel.

Sorry, but I can't for the life of me remember where I read or heard that.



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