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 rainbow study bible

I just don't know if I comfortable purchasing something called "The Rainbow" study Bible. Oh well.

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 Re: rainbow study bible

Don't let the sickness and depravity of this world deter you from appreciating something beautiful that God made for us as a promise.

Just because it's been hijaked by homosexual groups and other questionable groups doesn't mean that we as Christians can't hold on to our symbols with pride. (pun intended)

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I was hesitant at first too... until I took the time to check it out. It's not at all what you think. If you highlite in your Bible with different colors... it's the same thing.


 2005/3/4 17:04

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Morehead, KY


Rainbow study Bibles are neat. I say we rally a campagin to take back the rainbow-! We actually had someone steal a rainbow Bible where i work at. . .go figure.


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