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 The new Bible - Refuel Magazine

I dont know if this has been discussed or not, but while in a large "family" chain Christian store I noticed the "Refuel Magazine / Bible". I decided to do some research on it... and boy... I dont know how to describe what I've found.

Refuel is an extremely popular "bible", and a hot seller for Christian bookstores.

The following quotes are all from different articles that are intermingled with the Bible in this rag...

[b]On Gambling:[/b]
[i]"You’re turning 18 and you’re determined: Not even your parents can keep you out of the casino right down the road. Okay, some Christians see casual gambling as a form of entertainment. If that’s where you’re at, lower your odds of losing every penny in your piggy bank by setting a personal limit—the $10 or $20 or $50 you’re willing to toss on an evening of fun. And like Kenny Rogers sang, "You’ve got to know when to fold ‘em." Get help fast when you see any of these warning signs of gambling addiction in you or a friend: failing to keep that spending limit, money problems, debt, secrecy, family and friends expressing concern, pre-occupation with gambling, increasing amounts of time and money spent gambling, failed attempts to quit or cut back, gambling with borrowed money, or gambling to win back loses."[/i]

(In other words... how close to the fire can you get without getting burned. I dont believe I've ever heard more stupid advice than that! - Krispy)

[b]On Alcohol:[/b]
[i]It’s Friday night and you’re glad to get an invite to a party. Problem is, you know that most people present will be sloshing beers. What do you do? Drinking might feel cool. It might calm your social jitters. It might make you forget about life’s most hideous problems. But for now, drinking is illegal. And drinking too much can undo your life. Ephesians 5:18 says, "Do not be drunk with wine, which will ruin you."[/i]

(Well... this is great advice to give Christian teenage boys! My advice is that they should not even be there in the first place! - Krispy)

[b]Refuel's "Experts":[/b]
[i]Experts Answer Your Questions.
Q: My neighbor has a different religion, and he says that he’s glad I’m a Christian—but that people of all religions worship the same God. Is he right?
A: It’s true that there’s only one God, and it’s a popular idea that all religious people run to the same [b]Big Guy upstairs[/b]. But check out what the gods in other religions say, and you see that their personalities are completely different from the God of the Bible. All religions don’t serve the same God. (Refuel, p. 83)[/i]

(the Big Guy upstairs? No fear of God? - Krispy)

[b]Refuel's Definition of godliness:[/b]
[i]Random Things to Know About Being a Godly Guy
1. They don’t hit girls.
2. They don’t chew with their mouth open.
3. They don’t belch.
4. They aren’t arrogant.
5. They don’t backstab.
6. They know their bodies are temples of God.
7. They respect others.
8. They don’t ditch their families.
9. They don’t talk smut with their dates.
10. They are loyal friends.
(Refuel, p. 278)[/i]

(What about holiness? What about prayer and fasting and Bible study? This is just plain foolishness! - Krispy)

[b]Refuel on Littering[/b]

[i]Q: I’m disgusted when I see Christians littering. Don’t they care about the environment?
A: There’s not a variety of stupidity Christians haven’t displayed. But don’t assume all Christians are like that. Many believers realize God made the planet, and they do at least as well as their neighbors in reducing, reusing, and recycling. Help us do better. (Refuel, 210)[/i]

(Thats great... by why doesnt Refuel ever address homosexuality? All this wonderful and wise advice, but never once in the entire magazine does it address, condemn or warn about homosexuality. I find that interesting... and weak. - Krispy)

[b]Refuel On "Radical Faith"[/b]
[i]"Like everybody else, Christians can sometimes act dumb. They come in all shapes and sizes—Bible thumpers, Scripture-screamers, unforgivers, grace-stealers-the kind of people you wouldn’t want to be in a group with because they’re ruining it for the rest of us."
(Refuel, p. 238)[/i]

(Wow... guess if your serious about the Lord and contending for the faith, you're not invited to Refuel's party! Oh, but wait... earlier they didnt seem to have a problem with teenagers going to parties where everyone is sloshing beers! - Krispy)

All I can do is shake my head...

This is what the church has come to?

Unreal man...


 2005/3/4 15:35

Joined: 2005/1/26
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 Re: The new Bible - Refuel Magazine

Sounds like another one of the World's prize winners. :-P

That advice about the party "It's illegal [i]for now[/i]" made my jaw literally drop open. First the praise alcohol's 'benefits' "it might calm your nerves and make you forget your problems", then toss a bone at parents like us by saying it's illegal so you shouldn't do it...

Unbelievable. How would they respond to the issue of fornication? [i]"Oh man, sex feels [b]GREAT!![/b] and it'll raise your esteem in the eyes of some of your friends...[/i]

but you could end up pregnant or in other trouble so don't do it for now.[/i]

 2005/3/4 16:05Profile


Yea, anyone who gets this thing for their kids ought to have their heads examined. Apparently millions have... sales are huge.

But hey... it's a Bible! It has to be good, right?

The truth is, the real issue is money. Period. Thomas-Nelson is only concerned about the bottom line.


 2005/3/4 16:08

Joined: 2003/7/8
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They have a top ten list of cool things God made. Number one is girls, just edging out jagged mountain peaks and soaring eagles. Nice. Also is a list of reasons to avoid pre-maritail sex. Mentionined were getting preganant and STD's. Never anything about the Holy Spirit. Never anything about obeying the Lord.

We seem to be raising a generation of youth that are illiterate about the teaching of the Bible.

 2005/3/4 16:09Profile

Joined: 2004/2/5
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West Monroe, Louisiana

 Re: The new Bible - Refuel Magazine

Well, All I could say from your post, was: DEAR GOD, HELP US.
I lead a Christ Centered Recovery Support Group at my church, and I was shocked to read what that book said.
"But for now, drinking is illegal" ???!!!!!

Then what, after you get older, get smashed???

I'm an EX Alcoholic, drug addict, set free by the power of God. That junk all but ruined my life, and many others I might add.
It's only by the saving Grace of God, and the Blood of Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit and many prayers that I'm here today. (that was a mouthful)

That magazine or bible or book or whatever you call it greatly disturbs me. Our youth need a true revival today...they need the Word preached with conviction, they need to see something real for a change.

Heavenly Father, please forgive us for our stupidity. Re-kindle the Fire in our hearts, and give us passion for the lost.


 2005/3/4 16:21Profile


That magazine or bible or book or whatever you call it greatly disturbs me.

My friend... walk into any Christian bookstore of any size, and ask them for a Bible that would be attractive to a teenage boy on the go... and I will promise you they will take you to the shelf that has this piece of garbage on it.

You're right... it is disturbing.


 2005/3/4 16:24

Joined: 2003/7/31
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Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Re: The new Bible - Refuel Magazine

This sounds very similar to the girls magazine/bible that has been out since 2003, it is called Revolve and was discussed previously here on SI in the following thread;

[url=]Revolve Magazine[/url]

It certainly does stir up a sadness and an anger within to see these things, we really need to intecede for this young generation.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

 2005/3/4 16:25Profile

Joined: 2004/2/5
Posts: 119
West Monroe, Louisiana


We have two large "Christian" book stores here. They are both run by National Chains. I'm sure they have the book you mentioned. I just never pay attention to that junk. I think I will look around a little more.
I usually frequent another Christian book store that is locally owned and operated by a wonderful Christian lady.

I know stuff like this exists, I guess it just kinda hit me wrong. I feel like crying.
This is sad.


 2005/3/4 16:29Profile


This sounds very similar to the girls magazine/bible that has been out since 2003

It's the male version of Revolve. Same publisher, same bad translation of the Bible... same hellish advice columns...


 2005/3/4 17:06

Joined: 2005/3/1
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Tacoma, WA


To defend my generation -

This magazine isn't a cry to the younger generation, it's a cry to parents for easy answers. I wouldn't have put my nose in this thing for very long at all without a parent's help. That and there are plenty of teen study bibles out there of various translations, and bibles are still useful on a nightstand.

So, uh, bottom lines aren't the only major issue this magazine addresses. The endorsements are scary, but it might be interesting to get the picture of collateral damage attached to this sucker.

David Reynolds

 2005/3/4 18:57Profile

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