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 Re: False salvation

Greeting Douglas

Thank you for your post, let me comment on it and lets compare with how we see scripture in the light of our posts.

Your quote:

20 years ago, I said the sinners prayer, started hanging around a new crowd of friends, started attending church, started acting moral, wanted the praise of men, but still was sinning. I can remember getting water baptized and the next day went back into sin. Huh? Is someone who professes faith in Christ, going to continue in sin, ? I think not.

Well first off, I left Christianity almost 2 years ago, and I haven't regretted one moment. I have a very difficult time believing that you had a false salvation.

Either you were born from above or you were not, it's that simple. What I think is happening is that again as I told MilesLewis that God stirred up your spirit to cause you to draw near to Him and you responded and found that the life that you had been living as Christian was unbalanced.

If you remember the Children of Israel when they were coming back from Captivity and they were in Jerusalem and they found a scroll that had written things that they were not doing, they cried out and basically said, "men and brethern we are in trouble". They were still God's people, but they cast off His covenant as if it was nothing.

This is what you/I and countless others have done, when we got born again, we truly were born again, but sometime down the road from that experience we took for granted this salvation. But God came to you and woke you up so to speak and he said, "seek me" and you said, "I will seek you". And you sought Him and He established you, this is what everyone who comes to the LORD should be doing, we should be presenting ourselves to the LORD. But we don't and it really isn't our fault, it's the lack of knowledge that is in the Churches, the mainstream churches don't want you to touch God, they want you to touch their ministry, so there is a truth that is missing in these churches today.

It's kind of like the "Nickolation" teaching that Christ hates. This doctrine is rampant in the Catholic church, which basically means, that you the people are down there and we the clergy are up here, if you need to touch God we'll do it for you. Christ hates this because He is the Mediator not another man.

Bearing fruit will take time, "but we glory in tribulations also: knowing that tribulation worketh patience" Romans 5:3

God gave us examples in the Fruit and Vegetable kingdoms to show us just how plants produce after it own kind. He also gave us the ability as to learn from these. For instance too much heat and moisture makes new vegetable spring up "stringy", they look good at first, but they need a constant treatment of heat and moisture to stay that way, but as soon as that medium is gone, they droop down and are useless for growing. They need a good solid beginning, coming up slow is the ideal way to ensure that each millimetre has enough strength for the next millimetre of growth and so on. Once the plant reaches a certain age, it shoots up further and faster, and when it becomes older the metabolism slows down, it's still growing, but it's now being mature. It's these that create the best fruit and vegetables. A slow growth in it's beginning learns to push it's roots further down. Roots on a tree have root systems that seek out a water supply and they hone in on that and use that as their source.

We have all seen a graceful Elm or Weeping Willow, or even a giant Oak, they maybe as old as the hills yet we appreciate them more than the small tree that is standing beside it waiting to take over.

We have seen this parallel in older saints who have been with the LORD and we look at the granduer of thier lives, how they have spread forth thier branches have touched many lives, and oh how we thought we would like to be like them. They have a grace about them, they seem to have a source of supply of Christ's well that they are not moved easily. Ravenhill is a good example and many of the men and women speakers on this website.

Whether it be big sins or little sins, after your born again, it doesn't matter, Christ is able to wash it all away with His blood.

Peter was an Apostle who had a big sin in his heart, he was racist. He considered his own race as pure and holy and the gentiles he consider dogs. But God dealt with him on a roof top one day and rebuked him for not obeying Him. The command came forth, "Kill and eat". (that in itself is a deep message of what God said right there.)

Paul having endured in his flesh all manner of corruption that he couldn't understand what was happening to him Romans ch7. We have no idea how long this struggle went on for, but we see that Paul had something in his flesh when he went to try to good, there was an enmity there that was keeping him from attaining perfection.

God doesn't counsel us, repair us, patch, us, He executes us and buries, us and resurrects us and gives us the ability to say NO to sin and YES to righteousness.

A hearty amen!

Have you had a father who took a two x four and wrapped it around your head?

Have you ever had a kin take a knife and try to stab you with it saying, "I hate you , I hate you"?

The latter part of your quote I heartily agree with, but the first part is questionable.

You see Doug, Jesus came to heal the broken hearted to bind up thier wounds.

The Samaritain who took the man who was badly beaten and sent him to an inn, the man who was badly beaten was given into the hand of the keeper to tend to his wounds until he was better.

If you had a dad that pumped into you the idea that you are stupid and you won't amount to anything, those words get into your spirit, they are tearing at the fabric of your being. Christ saves that individual then he goes to heal the broken hearted, for those kinds of people it may take years for that to heal, because even their perception of God is marred, because as you see your dad you see God in the same light as some police man ready to club you if you break the law.

Thanks for replying to my post, much appreciated.


 2005/4/6 15:49

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North Syracuse, NY


These messeges are a must listen to...

True and False Conversions

Hell's Best Kept Secret

Also found here on SI

Somebody else saying whether my conversion was real or not is not negotiable. We can juggle symantics all day long, but I know this, I once was blind, but now I see. Listen to the messeges and test to see if what Ray Comfort is saying is Gospel truth. Please don't take offence to this reply, sometimes written words are difficult to see tone and intent. :-D
I don't often post on the forum here so I may or may not check the replies. If anyone has any questions you can certainly email me. I thank God for you all and I thank God for this ministry. God bless.

Miles Lewis

Miles Lewis

 2005/4/6 19:15Profile

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Miles, your testimony is near the same as mine. I am still so suprised at how many people tell me I 'was saved' when God tells me otherwise. My Pastor still disagrees with me.

My heart had never broken, I knew not sin and had not repented, all I had done was say a prayer and then do courses and attend church to understand God. About a year after 'saying the prayer' I listened to Ray Comforts Hell's Best Kept Secret and True & False Conversions. Then I finally understood what sin was, my hopeless state before God, my desperate need for a saviour, my heart broke, I cried out to God for forgivness, and at that point I was sold, paid for at the cross.

Praise God for ministires that are willing to preach the true gospel and eternally save souls!!


 2005/4/6 20:12Profile

 Re: Now I understand

Dear Nath

My heart had never broken, I knew not sin and had not repented, all I had done was say a prayer and then do courses and attend church to understand God

Now I understand where you, Miles and others are coming from. You see, this was not explained in the posts, it was mentioned in a vague way.

And I have to agree with you all that yes, you just went thru the motions without a deep heartfelt conviction that you were lost without God.

And now you have found Him to be your Saviour and LORD.

Praise the LORD, that is good to hear. Thank you for bringing this thread to a more understanding light.


 2005/4/6 20:38

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