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 Re: the girl behind the counter has the right heartspace

God is good, He had your tongue cleave to the roof of your mouth.

Nooo... my friend, I just try to use a little discernment about where I cast pearls.


 2005/3/7 11:52


I noticed the quote about bibles being big business, I actually posted something on one the KJV only thread that is going right now. The Rainbow bible has been around for years, it has recently got an shot in the arm through the Tv. All in all it is o.k, but i;ll have to agree that it ispretty confusing at times. insted of reading a scripture and asking the Holy Spirit to show you the meaning, you pull out your little card to check what categorey it falls under. I actually had a rainbow bible stolen from our store.. . .hope they look for the gray boxes and how to fix it. . .at any rate I think its ok

Someone stole a Bible... now thats depravity. lol .. I hope that Bible leads them to Jesus.

Anyway... the more I look into the Rainbow Study Bible, the more I think I'm heading in the direction of the Pilgrim Study Bible. I think it's a little more on my kids speed as far as being designed to teach the basics. My two older boys both have been blessed with incredible spiritual insight, and of course we teach them the Word on a daily basis... but I think for their own personal study, I'm leaning toward the Pilgrim Study Bible.

I think the Rainbow has it's place, but I agree with your assertion about it being [b]too[/b] well organized. I think it would be better to teach the boys how to highlite the Word themselves, instead of having it done for them already.


 2005/3/7 11:56

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Have you tried the KJV Study bible for kids?


 2005/3/7 17:59Profile

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