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 A Few Books...

Grace and peace! I just wanted to pass on a couple of recommendations. I realize a lot of folks really admire John Wesley and rightfully so. However, I dissent from the preponderance of preachers who so frequently give him so much credit for revival in England. Arnold Dallimore's two volume biography of George Whitefield is an absolutely incredible work which gives George Whitfield the treatment he has so richly deserved. It was Whitfield who called on Wesley to preach in the open air. Whitfield is largely forgotten because he wasn't an organizer on par with Wesley and in keeping with his beliefs in the doctrines of grace an incredible humility would not allow for an army of followers to record his every deed while protecting his reputation. However, as Wesley said has any man called so many sinners to repentance? When assailed by infidel critics as any Gospel preacher will he merely responded,"may the name of Whitfield perish may my Lord Savior Jesus Christ be exalted!"
A further recommendation is Iain Murray's two volume biography of D.Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Lloyd-Jones said calvinism was the iron rations for the souls of those men who went to the stake in the Reformation. I would also recommend Lloyd-Jones book "Knowing the Times." I believe that Lloyd-Jones was the one of the last of the giants in the pulpit. May a study of Lloyd-Jones let us realize we need a return to the Gospel of Luther, Whitfield,and Edwards. There is a real need for the return of a Christ exalting gospel which gives the glory to our Lord and humbles man. Today there are too many psychological methods in so called evangelical churches. I believe Murray's biography of Lloyd-Jones will shed a great deal on these matters.
As an aside,these are all Banner of Truth titles.Thanks for the time! Soli deo gloria!

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 Re: A Few Books...

Dallimore's books on Whitefield are awesome.

My old pastor (60 years in the pulpit) has a list of five books that he believes every pastor should read - both of these volumes are in that list!

Having heard this, I borrowed them, and read them. The first book had me on my knees in tears more than once. What a treatment Mr. Dallimore gives!

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Dallimore's books on Whitefield are awesome.

Yes the life of George Whitfield is very inspiring! I have read a few books on mr Whitfield and have been amazed at how God used him even from a very early age. Yes it is true that Whitfield got the Welsleys to open air preach... even charles wesley himself address open air crowds of over 10,000 people at once. Quite amazing stuff.

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