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 Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday

Lamentably, the national day for thanksgiving is being overshadowed by covetousness for Black Friday deals. Without really pausing to give thanks, many are coveting to acquire their next possession.

As we prepare for a day of feasting, an alternative path would have been a day for fasting and humiliation and repentance.

We have known how to do good and done it not (James 4:17).

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 Re: Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday

I agree with you. I saw a documentary on the history of Thanks giving and it has its roots to an European Church festival of fasting and prayer. And the day of feat is to mark the ending of fast. But now it is all about covetous deals. Something that business men have changed the holidays for their profit.


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 Re: Thanksgiving vs. Black Friday

Hello my friends,
Last night a few of us were praying and at the very end, God spoke clearly to me and said to "Redeem the Friday after Thanksgiving for Him."

Well, however we do that!!! I prayed that the spirit of greed would be routed and that the blood of Jesus cover the Friday after Thanksgiving. Will you all agree in prayer for your cities?

Break off the curse of Black Friday and redeem the day for our Lord in continual Thanksgiving and time of reconciliation for families all over our land.

In Jesus Name we ask,

 2012/11/21 11:44

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Why does everything have to be so overanalyzed?

Thanksgiving Day is not a "biblical" holiday. It was a day set aside by a President long ago as a day to give thanks-- that is an awesome thing.

It just so happens that traditionally Thanksgiving Day weekend kicks off the Christmas shopping season.

Lots of people are off work on Friday so the stores are open-- in force.

I personally avoid black friday like the plague, but for someone who does intend to buy gifts for Christmas (who doesn't??), is it not wise stewardship to be able to buy more with less money? I mean, if you want to buy your son a GI Joe with kung fu grip and you can get it on sale for $15.00 on black friday when the regular price is $30.00, it seems like it might be a smart thing to do.

How is that greedy? Sure, the stores want to make money (what store doesn't- that is why they exist) so they draw people in with big sales. There is no denying the deals that can be had on black friday if you are a brave soul.

Now, I do disagree strongly with stores opening up on Thursday evening, because they should leave Thanksgiving Day alone.

For people who buy Christmas gifts (and that includes a whole lot of Bible- believin' spirit-filled Christians), black Friday is a good thing-- as long, of course, that people don't claw each other to death.

The Christmas shopping season in America is not going away. I personally love the season- not necessarily the shopping part-- but the whole season. I stay focused on the meaning of the season. Christmas shopping, looking at the lights, etc is just part of the American culture and has been for a very long time. Is it too commercialized? Of course it is. We live (thank the Lord) in a free market system.


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