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 Testing the next 4 years just like testing Prophecy

This post is not to stir up political trouble. I thought that as Christians we might want to write down what negatives we think are going to happen during the next 4 years which we hear some talk about amongst the talking heads. Write them all down and as time goes by check them off as they happen and see if it truly a doomsday type of notice or if the voices of negativity were really off.

Right now what I see is some company's laying off workers and referencing it to the coming Obamacare deal. It would be easy to say that this is evidence already but is it really evidence or just an overreaction of what is coming? Obamacare doesn't even start until 2014. Then we have taxes supposed to up next year. These are my initial thoughts.

Does anyone have anything that we should be watching to see if it comes to pass?
I liken this to testing prophecy. Write it down and if it comes to pass remember those who said it. If it doesn't then remember those who said it and walk/run away from them. We Americans are short sighted with this all the time.


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