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 Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain

Stoning for adultery. Amputations for theft. Death for apostates. And second-class status for Christians and Jews. This is life under Sharia law, the Islamic system practiced in countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Great Britain.
Yes, Great Britain.

There are reportedly some 85 Sharia courts now operating there, with Islamic judges ruling on cases ranging from financial to marital disputes among British Muslims.

"We went into some proceedings and there were a couple of Islamic judges sitting up above the rest," said Alan Craig, who recently stepped down as leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance party. "And there was one Muslim woman who was suing for divorce." ...

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 Re: Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain

i never thought id see this in my life time greg

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 Re: Islamic Sharia Law Comes to Great Britain

Sharia law is not recognised in England (except in banking whereby a different method is applied regarding interest).

Regarding halal meat, anything that is halal must state so on the package and it is hard to find in general.

English law outlaws anything islamic laws might do that goes against English law and also gives protection to muslim people who are mistreated as it does to anyone that lives in this country.

Regarding marriage disputes, anyone can mediate rather than go to an English court. However, those mediations and the outcome are not above English law.


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