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 France to Become 12th Country to Legalize Gay Marriage

France is next in line to legalize same-sex marriage, according to a disputed bill pushed by President Francois Hollande on Wednesday, which would defy opposition from the country's Roman Catholic and conservative leadership.
Currently, less than a dozen countries in the world have legalized gay marriage, although most of them are in Europe. Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, Iceland and Belgium have all moved away from the traditional definition of marriage between one man and one woman, and with Hollande's bill, France is set to join them early next year.

The top ministers in France have already approved the measure, marking another successful agenda for Hollande's liberal campaign, The New York Times reported. The president has called the bill "progress for all society." The new law will redefine marriage as "contracted between two persons of different sex or of the same sex," while the words for "father" and "mother" in French will be replaced by "parents" – allowing them also to start adopting children.

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 Re: France to Become 12th Country to Legalize Gay Marriage

"As it was in the days of Noah,as it was in the days of Lot"
So will it be before his return homosexuality will be common place like the prophesy of Lot says,
Yours Staff

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I'm surprised France didnt already have gay marriage.


 2012/11/9 16:52


I'm surprised France didnt already have gay marriage.

In heart I am sure it has, legally I guess not.

Back in the Victorian Era, it was forbidden to practice homosexuality in the commonwealth but France was a safe haven for such vices. Much like today it was tolerated.

I find it incredible how this sin is being pushed upon us with great force. On the outside, it all looks innocent and clean, but if anyone were to look inside, it's filthy, disgusting and demonic in every shape or form. The world sees a giving people, but they don't see the destructive nature that this will bring on a society.

Men who want to be with men is okay, if they want to live together all that is fine, it's what people either don't want to see or refuse to acknowledge that the sin of sodomy goes against the fabric of Gods creation. It's placing life into a place of death. There is no growth, no happiness, no true marriage in the true sense of becoming one flesh because gay marriages cannot produce the one flesh of's impossible.

Why? Because woman came from man, a man did not come out of man.

Coming out of this lifestyle myself, I thought at one time how it might be good if one day I should have a wife and children. But today I think I should change my mind about the children. I fear for any child today that has to be subjected to the dictatorship of the school system in pushing their doctrine that homosexuality is an okay practice and that one day that our children might be taken from us and be forced to participate in whatever the state wants to feed them.

Once the homosexuals have their way through the law, they will then target the right to free speech and have that outlawed. Once they have their way, there will be no need for them to have free speech, to them it will have all been said. The law now protects them, free speech is irrelevant. It will take a move of God to upset this applecart or war, probably both.

In 1907, Azusa street and revivals were cropping up all over the nation, and then in 1914 a world war breaks out. Then the stock market crash of 1929 then another revival swept through the land in the 30's and then another war in 1939 with Germany. I was reading about a revival back before the American civil war. It seems that when there is a revival, war will come later.

I was reading at one time the history of homosexuality and they were saying that if it wasn't for the gospel that swept the 1930's, homosexuality would have been a growing force to be reckoned with because it was growing before that. But the secular article said that "If it wasn't for the righteousness that swept the land, things would have been different". Even the world recognizes that they are not in the right, but have pleasure in unrighteousness. I feel sorry for the person that knows about God but doesn't want to retain God in their knowledge, I find that to be incredible how a mind refuses to acknowledge their only salvation but would rather dwell in a pig pen than to be clean and holy.

I remember having a dream years ago. I was on the top of a mountain a high place, and I saw people wallowing in their own filth. They had pigs snouts and they wanted to be there. I remember being there without any clothes on and trying to hide my nakedness and desiring to get out of there. Looking back at it, I think I had two minds, a mind to stay but did not want to participate, but rather to be a spectator, thus my nakedness. But now after all those years, I know now that I don't want to be there at all, even though at times the pull can be difficult to resist but like all temptations it gets easier as we call upon the Lord for help.

I hope I did not thwart this thread.

 2012/11/9 18:43

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