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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Again, do we call tbem brethren?

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 Re: Lovely attitude method needs refining

Hi Approved, that approach of acceptance of love and warmth is admirable. I would like to ask you to consider a slightly different mindset on this.

Before i do may I say that God speaking in a still small voice is a great thing to promote.

Addressing poor or particularly heretical teaching however does not need to be done with a sledge hammer.

however the first real issue is if a person is a mormon then first they need to be saved. This then means bringing them into faith. Whilst they may have had teaching I do not believe that we are stripping away their faith by bringing correction or in this sense redirection as opposed to punishment because this is not what i mean.

If the reteaching is done with the obvious love of a brother or sister the medicine is easy to take. I would see that false teaching needs to be addressed at the same time as bringing light on the true meaning of the word of God and Sola Scriptora - scripture alone.

We must remember that these are the doctrines of demons we may not be wise to let them wait for the person to see the error of their ways.

i am not saying we should jump on them or bible bash them, but they will need special care as one coming out of a cult. I have seen the damage to hundreds of people coming out of a cult and the need to be "restored".

My point is that wisdom is not just avoiding the obvious error like pour coals on peoples heads but it can also see the extra need of care and reteaching.

In keeping with the spirit of Approved's comment. It is my belief that where the scripture talks about i will have a people who are not my people etc, this relates to as I understand at the moment, to people who respond to the call of God "to come out of her my people". i think Joel is an example if not prophetic of this because the Holy Spirit falls on all people and so we will, i believe see anyone who has a heart after God repsond to him.

In this crowd will be Mormons JW's Jews, Muslims etc. yes they are not saved now however if we consider the call to the wedding guests it would appear that we not them are less likely to respond to that particular call.

I agree that we are the ones that are asleep, however if David Wilkersons sermons and Denny Kenasten and Poonan are right then we are at the end and the call to respond has allready started so we need to understand how to respond to these as they enter the family. I am not so confident of the ability of the church to withstand so radical a change but that is the message of the wedding guests anyway.

I have tried to give an example of being loving and direct in bringing a minor correction to the method of how we interact with Mormons or those coming out of a cult or another religion as opposed to adding and waiting.

Any response or suggested alteration from Approved or anyone else is invited as I still see through a glass dimly

Regards Oskar

Oskar Abley

 2012/11/26 11:58Profile

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