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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

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 Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

Gorham Middle School in Maine (a state where voters approved same-sex “marriage” yesterday) holds an annual “Diversity Day,” in which homosexuals attempt to persuade children that deviant sexual behavior is normal and that any disapproval of it is intolerant, which, in PC America, is a bad thing.

During the question-and-answer portion of the most recent indoctrination session in the presence of children, the discussion turned to what homosexuals use for “queer safe sex.”

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

There is no way to normalize that which is not normal, that which is an abomination to our Most High God.

This subject is disgusting.


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 Re: Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

This is one of the most pernicious practises of our day. Whilst homosexuality has been present in most of human history it is only in our time that it has been a compulsion of moral normalcy. As believers we are going to have to come to an understanding of how to deal with the growth of intolerance to any resistance of this abominable practise. I see that one poster asked the question here on SI whether anyone had prayed for a homosexual recently. The inference being that speaking against it is not enough of a response. I agree with that on a personal level. You can't pray for someone who you have never met. However you can pray against the spirit and ask God to judge those who are actively destroying our children's minds. If I had been a parent at the school in this report I would definitely have stood against the school in prayer as well as asking God to hold those responsible for participation in such an abuse of parental authority, by abusing children and exposing them to sexual knowledge of any kind.

 2012/11/8 14:15

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 Re: Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

Sorry Greg but this post just adds to my grief over this country. But at least we all know to stay out of Maine i guess, so maybe it serves a purpose...

Just think of it: we who are 40 years old or better grew up during a time when there was still some sanity and normalcy in this country, (i.e when promiscuity was still shameful and abnormal and homosex still in the closet, when saying "Merry Christmas" was commonplace, when Christianity did not inspire outright malice but expectations of integrity, etc)but this current generation of children and the next will never have had that; they will have been (and have been) brainwashed from the very beginning of their lives almost. They are at a dire disadvantage. May God have mercy on them and on the coming generations of children. But may God also bring whatever suffering is necessary to this country to turn it from it's insanities. May he multiply STDs to show all supporters of homosex and fornicators the error of their ways. Yet not my will, His will be done.

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 Re: Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

We need to pray a lot, groan


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Defiling post brother


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 Re: Normalizing homosexuality in the public schools

Don't you youngsters wish you would be 65 YO like me when we can well remember where there was a lot of sanity in popular culture? SIGH. I know it would not help matters...but the memory informs us that what is considered normal today is NOT! PERIOD. No question marks, either! PERIOD. EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!

Sandra Miller

 2012/11/10 13:54Profile


They know that if they can get the child to learn this stuff at an early age that when they grow up they will not depart from it. They want the old that hold to the sacred to die off so this new crop society will be passive so they will have less opposition. Homosexuality is just one of the sins they want legalized. Pedophiles are looking to have the age of consent lowered. Those who want to marry their pets will want to be included in these charters.

 2012/11/10 14:40

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