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 Government regulates church communion

A government agency that oversees charities in the United Kingdom has decided that a local Christian congregation cannot be registered because it does not open its communion services to just any outsider.

The decision by the U.K.’s Charity Commission is being reported by The Christian Institute, which has been working on the case of the Plymouth Brethren assembly in Devon for seven years.

The government has determined the group cannot be registered because it has decided that its communion services are for members only.
“During the evidence a letter from the commission’s head of legal services emerged claiming that churches cannot be assumed to be acting for the public good,” the report said. ...

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 Re: Government regulates church communion

Unbelievable. Yet believable. Sounds like the Roman empire, just in a slightly different format.

Just as the wave of European socialism has now reached our shores and infiltrated our government we can now soon expect similar insane laws here. Well, they are already happening in various states, in various forms. Praise God that Justice Moore got his job back this week after being fired for having the Ten Commandments in his office and refusing to take them down. Just one example.

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