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Joined: 2005/2/16
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Cache Valley, Utah


I appreciate your post, FireInMyBones.

I said, "Healing is ONE of the greatest ministrations of Jesus." and I will stand by that. I believe the greatest ministration of Jesus is inward regeneration, and I know from Scripture that He is a mighty healer!

Where should the lost, dying, sick, and broken look? To Jesus! For what? Everything! I pray and pray that God would stir up faith in His church once again to fulfill the Word in our generation! May faith increase and the entirety of the gospel be preached from pole to pole!

In Christ,

PS- Did not God create man? He cares for us, not only inside but outside too. He is a completely loving God!

Eli Brayley

 2005/3/2 14:31Profile

 Re: I have a thought for your answer to your question.

For you to have taken this question to others instead of God...means you have not received an answer from God....and are looking for comfort. Go before God and ask him....making sure there are no hindrances to having your prayers heard and answered....if you have too and feel led and pray while seeking the answer.....if you do all this....God will answer you.

If you come before God and do not receive an answer....beg God to show you anything in your heart that holds sin or something you have not done to receive your answer so you can repent and/or take care of it....if you go to prayer and realize someone has ought against you...not that you did anything wrong...but they have bad feelings towards you...go to them first and make it right...write them if you can't go them and mail it....then come back in front of God and ask.

God will answer you if you approach him like we are suppose too. Come before him now with faith and ask your questions. And what you are God's glory? Or is it the way Finney incorrectly taught...Man's glory? It's not all about's all about God's glory. Listen to the downloads from Richard Owen Roberts on will learn a lot....Revival Theology.

God will answer you....if you really want the answer. Man cannot tell you by himself/herself why....and your heart will not really be comforted until God answers you. Give God the glory and lay in front of God blameless seeking the answers and the way to bring him more glory.

 2005/3/4 21:11

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