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 Is the principle of tithing a bondage under the law?

Great to be back on here... It's been a while.

A video series of The Blessed Life sparked a debate of sorts in my house since about two weeks ago and it seems to be never ending, but today really got me wondering and so i thought i could ask you guys.

I've always believed in tithing through faith as taught in Malachi 3, Genesis 28 and Mathew 23:23. And also because that what has been preached to me for the longest time.

My cousin strongly despises any preachings calling non-tithers sinners however, because he believes it is the law and its a false teaching to keep people under bondage, and below are his convictions.

1) Malachi is an old testament prophet,

2) Abraham (in Genesis 28) tithed once off, and he did so off his own free wiil

3) Mathew 23:23, Jesus was talking to the Pharisees and not to the gentiles, and that at the time, they still had to practice the law because they were not yet redeemed by Jesus's death on the cross.

For the first time ever, i thought today that he may be right.

I believe that my local church is doing a great job at reaching the lost and spreading the gospel to the community so if anything, i've just been encouraged to give more than 10% so that more people can be reached.

But does this than mean that the Malachi 3 type of tithing is bondage?

Should we call it offerings rather and no longer preach that people tithe?

Please share your thoughts?

Links to similar discussions from the previous posts are also welcome. I'd just like to read comments really, not engage in further debate.

Thank you much:-)


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 Re: Is the principle of tithing a bondage under the law?

Tina read and pray through 2 Corinthians 8 and 9. I think a lot of your questions will be answered in those two chapters. I will not give you my opinion on tbe tithe. But would rather have tbe Spirit give you his opinion out of those chapters. After you read them you still want to dialogue, fine. But feel this is a truth Gof would rather speak into your heart.

Dear sister will pray God give you his revelation.


 2012/11/4 20:51

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 Re: Is the principle of tithing a bondage under the law?

Tithing is a much misunderstood concept.

Under the 'Torah', the teachings, it is a necessity as it was in support of a Tenple based rescue system for the poor and the aged, as well as a livelihood for the Levite Priests that were not given a land inheritence in Israel.

Under those conditions, it was a great idea, and if it was used properly, and given as sharing with those who tilled the Word, rather than tilling fields, it was a wise disrtibution to the family of Israel, and one I hope to see in the Kingdom under Yeshua as King of Kings.

The distaste that many of us feel for the assemblies asking for support for a building, and a ministry that we may not agree with is about being guilted into giving.

The fact remains, however, that one is rarely blessed financially by YHVH without being of a giving nature. In this, 'the children of disobedience' are wiser than the Children of God, for many faiths that we are wary of mandate charitable acts, and giving, and do receive blessings for simply giving as a practical matter.

'Being blessed financially', however is not wealth scattered by YHVH to those who give simply because they wished to be blessed, although the Universe does seem to be designed to benefit those sharing the overage above their own needs. One finds many people who do not have Yeshua in their lives that tithe as a social custom doing quite well financially, becaust they also follow other Biblically mandated advice on how to live well. Those that are walking the walk without any idea of obedience, are blessed and honored by YHVH in this life because of what they do in this life.

Without Yeshua, this still means they have only this life, but it may indeed be a lush life.

Tithing, however, as being exampled by Abraham, was to give one tenth of the overage above one's increase to a suitable purpose, or to bless those that were blessings in other ways, because it was a blessing to give to them, a thing that gratified both the giver and the recipient.

In Abraham's case he was giving a tithe to Melchizedek presumably because he thought it would be pleasing to YHVH.
Abraham was not under the Laws of Moses that we, as Messianic Gentiles, are not to follow lest we be condemned by not following all 613 of the Torah's commandments.

As Yeshua was Jewish, I am positive that He kept that law, since He kept them all perfectly. I want to follow in His footsteps, so I do give as I feel led to do by the Ruach haKodesh. I am not an official member of any formal church, so have no one blessing me that I feel I need to support financially so he/they can continue to minister to me. If someone is a good teacher, I buy their books and tapes, and know that they benefit thereby, and very wisely as well.

Yet I give here, there and everywhere, only to try and act as I think Yeshua would like me to act.

This 'tithing' I do is an attempt to be obedient to the heart of the Torah, the full teachings culminating in Yeshua's perfect life.

Bondage under the law is keeping man's traditions carried over into the Gentile Church because they believed it was customary, and necessary. Yet Shaul, Kephas, John, and the other apostles no doubt followed what Yeshua had ordered, to take no scrip, or begging bowl as was customary for traveling teachers. The apostles were told to live on the bounty of those that were willing, in that hospitible age, to house and feed them. They were not paid salaries, and worked with their own hands as they had need.

Yet they all received gifts for their sustenance, and were blessed by YHVH through many people. However, there seems to be no basis in the New Covenant for Gentiles to Tithe.

I give when I have more than my needs require, and sometimes even when I have less than I need, and share what I have with others merely in the hope pleasing YHVH, and hence, building up treasure in heaven.

Oddly, though, I do not always give where I am asked, nor to anyone I know, unless there is sudden need. I give that people I do not know will be sent to Jews and to Gentiles who have not heard the Word of YHVH, that they may believe in Yeshua; to build wells in deserts, that people might have water; and to any other impulse that takes me.

Is this tithing? No. They are free will offerings, and alms, and I am glad to have them be so.


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Send me an email and I'll hook you up with the most balanced and Biblical teaching on tithing that I've ever heard.

 2012/11/4 21:43

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hi, Jesus loves a cheerful giver... i have never been able to outgive God for He has always supplied my needs.He has amazed me on many occasions. i would never put anyone in bondage over tithing. in fact, if it came between feeding your family and giving at church,i would always tell you to feed your family.if you do not you are worse than an infidel.but if you have a stingy heart ,maybe that is why you have to make that descision?jimp

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Brothers and sisters, the word “tithe” must be eradicated from the New Covenant believers mind and vocabulary. The act of tithing has a tendency to put God in a box. It also limits our thinking to a specific amount and puts scores of believers under bondage that do not have enough to even provide for the basic necessities of life. Let’s get out of this mindset so we can become the church “without spot and wrinkle” that Jesus is returning very soon to collect. May God give you eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord says.


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Thank you for sharing Questor. It's not easy to give that 10% every month and so i'm going to be carefull about rejoicing at the discovery of this new freedom, if i may call it that.

I am humbled to trusting God completely to be my provider when i give it and i give it in faith that he is greater than any amount I could ever give for his sake and that has really helped my journey of faith tremendously.

Money is such a bondage in it's self in this world today that i want to avoid thinking everything i have is all 100% mine, as i did the 90%, when in fact i should have a heart that understands that it is 100% God's and with or without it, Jesus alone would be sufficient as my provider.

Being exposed to this perspective is actually begining to challenge me more as under grace, Jesus calls as to sacrifice even more than was asked of the people under the law. When the law said do not murder, grace say do not even get angry; where it was said to not comit adultery, grace asks that you not even Think about it! How much more is asked of us under grace, where the law said give 10% to the spreading of the message of Christ?

Perhaps than to preach about tithing is wrong, but during this one night since posting this thread, i've come to resolve that we are really expected as disciplined followers of Christ, to give more of ourselves and our resources than I thought all this time.

But it still baffles me how i've never heard anyone preach this before, are our churches afraid on relying solely on God for provision? Are the preachers creating a safety net for them to assure they always have a salary? Why cant the message encourage people to give out of love for Christ and not out of the fear of a curse?

Tithing began way before Moses was, so is it still really the law? Who's law? am i wrong to even be asking these questions right now?

May God help.

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hi, thank you etuna for such a beatiful post. it is all about love.a preacher once told me he could tell who or what my God was if he could look at my check one time as a christian i was spending more money on golf than is all about love. one of the greatest services i was ever in was when i was in bible was a missions conference and the Holy Spirit fell heavily at the time of the offering which lasted 6 hilarious hours. people gave cars and boats and golf clubs and mink coats and jewelry and even shotguns. there was dancing and a celebration i will never forget. there was no begging ;just a poor city at a bible

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Thank you jimp... Jesus is King above all and all.

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 Re: Re

Here is a tale I once heard that portrays the selfishness of the human heart.

Two men were good friends - one a Jew and the other a Christian. One Sabbath, the Christian accompanied his friend to the synagogue. As the Jew placed a huge packet of bills into the offering, his friend commented on his generosity. The Jew replied,"Our religion asks it of us to tithe."
The next day the Jew went along to church with his buddy. He was suprised to see the the small offering the Christian gave. Upon being asked, the Christian said,"We are no longer under the law, but under grace - therefore we give from the heart. To that the Jew replied, "Almost thou persuadest me to become a Christian!"

May God have mercy on Christians and give us new hearts!

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