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 Naming the Name of Christ

Naming the Name of Christ
By Jesse Morrell

“Let everyone who names the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” 2 Timothy 2:19

The theology and terminology of many preachers today is quite repulsive to the heart that hunger and thirsts after righteous. Famous, influential, and respected preachers and authors publicly talk about being, as they call, “sinning Saints”. Scornfully they mock at the mere thought of living a life that is completely repented from sins. “Moral perfection is impossible” they believe as if a man can not truly live a life of holiness as Jesus did. “Follow me” Christ says, while these men say “you can’t”. While the New Testament church preached moral perfection, modern Churches have replaced it with moral imperfection. While the New Testament church preached entire sanctification, it has been replaced by the modern Church with part sanctification.

Preachers who preach the “sinning Saint” doctrine are in actuality strengthening the grip sinners have on their sins. If a preacher does not live holy, what are the other people left to do? The more acceptable and common an act is, the more likely it is to be done. What the masses do, the individual will do. Men are more likely to do what everyone is doing and are less likely to do what nobody is doing.

And so we have gotten to the point that it is commonly believed a man can be both a sinner and Saint rather then being one or the other. These ungodly men preach and teach such contradictions because their own lives contradict the Word of God. The bible has a different term other then “sinning Saint” and that term is hypocrite. Christ preached more extensively against religious hypocrisy and religious hypocrites then any other group of people. But rather then accusing the hypocrites in our preaching as Jesus did, our hypocritical preachers are justifying themselves, comforting their own hearts and the heart of sinners, yet subtly damning the souls of men. These preachers are broken bridges. They once may have bridged the gap between God and man, but now any that travel on them will die.

The way of the world and the way of heaven lead in different directions, but more then different directions, they lead in opposite directions. To walk with Christ you can not walk with the world. Half hearted commitment is no commitment at all. Leave all and follow Christ. Leave your pride, leave your lust, leave your dishonesty, leave your selfish ambitions, leave all and follow Christ. Compromised Christianity is not Christianity at all.

Let the “sinning Saint” carry on in his wickedness and he will in due time discover that he is among those whom Christ will say those dreadful words “depart from me you worker of iniquity”. No word will bring more terror and horror to the heart of man then hearing from the lips of his Creature “depart”. These words will echo in their heart for all eternity while they agonize in hell. Being so close and yet being so far! But the truth is that they didn’t truly want Christ in life and therefore they won’t have Him in death. They wanted heaven but not holiness. They wanted covering but not cleansing. They wanted right-standing but they didn’t want righteousness. They wanted to their sins to be forgiven but they didn’t want their sins to be forsaken.

More harm has been done to the holiness of the Church and the conversion of the world by religious hypocrites then by any other. How terrible it will be for the “sinning Saints” who gives Christ a bad name. By simply calling themselves Christians and yet not follow in Christ’s ways they make a mockery of Christ in front of the entire world. It is heinous blasphemy to be called by the name Christian and walk as worldly men do. You must walk as Christ walked. You must live as Christ lived. If you’re not willing to go all the way then please by all means go the other way. But for the name of Christ make up your mind.

“Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.” Do you want the Lamb of God to forgive you of your sins? Then you must allow him also to take away your sins. It was your sins that nailed Christ to the cross. He gave His life so that you could have life! Yet life with sin is not life at all. Sin is bondage and it desires to hold you captive until death will come to slay you. Yet Death was slain by Christ. Captivity was taken captive!

God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us if we sin but we must confess and repent. He does not want to merely cleanse you from some sin, but he wants to cleanse you from all sin. Is not all sin appalling to Him? Does not all sin infinitely offend Him? Does not all sin eternally separate men from Him? Therefore it is all sin that must be abandoned. When God casts sin into the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, all those who are attached to sin will go with it. As a ball and chain it will drown you in the ocean of flames. Sin must be abandoned now because it can not be abandoned then.

God is hunting to kill you. But He does it in order to give you life. He wants to kill your corrupted nature and replace it with a nature like His. He wants to shatter your heart of stone and replace it with a heart of flesh. He wants to kill you because without being put to death you can not be resurrected in new life with Him. Through Jesus Christ our Lord you can be delivered from your body of death. God is waiting for you, to take you in, feed you and cloth you. But you must go back home to him. Seek the Lord while He can be found.

 2005/2/28 8:07

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 Re: Naming the Name of Christ

Yes I agree, I see soo many Christians that don't even know its possible to live holy. So many Christians say they sin everyday. I ask why? Just as Ravenhill said once" Im not preaching its impossible to sin, I'm preaching its possible not to sin."

Josh Parsley

 2005/2/28 9:54Profile


Yes I first really learned about holiness from men like Leonard Ravenhill, Duncan Campbell, and E M Bounds. And ofcoarse John Wesley wrote extensively on the subject.

The times I get to go over David Ravenhills home I always love to talk to him about holiness. Not many preachers seem to preach entire sanctification today and so it's hard to learn more about it. MY GENERATION IS GETTING RIPPED OFF. And not many professing to follow Christ walk as he walked and so finding that kind of fellowship is hard also.

David said, those who oppose holiness are like those who work in a hospital and oppose surgeons washing their hands. Why do they oppose it? It doesn't make sense.

 2005/2/28 10:05

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Yeah, I agree with you as well. Holiness is barely even talked about, and almost every Christian I talk to about it seems to think that it is not even possible.

It's terribly sad and utterly wrong.

Eli Brayley

 2005/2/28 10:13Profile

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Lindale, Texas


I know 'Holiness' is different than perfection, but is this not what this scripture is commanding us as Christians to do?:

"Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." - Matt 5:48

Aaron Lynch

 2005/2/28 10:19Profile


I do not believe in preaching perfection. I am far from perfect. I almost got into a car accident recently because I am not a perfect driver. I have struggles writting at times because I am far from being a perfect writer. I enjoy playing guitar, but I am far from being a perfect guitar player.

However moral perfection is different. From what I've read in the bible, a man can live a life of complete repentance. Some teach that you cant live free from sin. I can't find that in the bible. Get specific. Which sins?

Can you live without murdering?
Can you live without raping?
Can you live without blaspheming?
Can you live without jealousy?
Can you live without lust?
Can you live without idolatry?
Can you live without lying?
Can you live without stealing?

Let's get specific. Which sins can't we live without?

I know what the problem is. It is not that you can't live without sin, but that you won't live without sin.

 2005/3/1 11:26

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Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada


Sorry about the length. I personally hate reading long posts...

I was already an adult in my thirties when I came to the Lord. My friend, a Christian from his youth, discipled me for about three years. Immediately, when I gave my life to Christ, everything changed - I stopped blaspheming, I gave up all manner of habitual sin, etc. etc. etc. My marriage suddenly brought me joy, my pursuit of personal wealth, fame, and glory became ashes in my mouth - and, perhaps best of all - a burden I cannot describe, and didn't even know was there, fell to the ground one day, and joy and peace came into my life in a way I had never known.

Now, when I write it out all in one paragraph, it sounds like I was on cloud nine - you know, everything was perfect. But it happened over time - and frankly, day by day my sin was ever before my face, and I was in a constant struggle to be free from it.

Now, even though I had a godly pastor (He is on this site - see: [url=]The Canadian Revival (Bill Mcleod)[/url], I still struggled with sin. I went to three bible studies a week, prayed all the time, read between 12 and 24 chapters of scripture a day - and was in a deep discipleship program for three years solid.

From the outside, I suppose I looked like a good Christian - certainly, like Paul, I was a rising star in the church - excelling beyond those who were slumbering in the pews. I wasn't exactly on fire - but I was far more active in the church than most. I was close friends with the pastors, and hung around with the real serious Christians. I took on a couple of ministries, and when the youth pastor resigned, they offered his office (which I declined having decided that I was disqualified on account of my "newness" as a Christian).

My understanding of holiness was academic,... intellectual. I knew that God wouldn't answer the prayers of a proud man, so I set about to be as humble as a man can be. Surely I was more qualified to humble than those around me - I had read the bible a half dozen times, I was active in ministry - my life was a wonderful picture of growth and devotion.

But, and I am sure you guessed it - I was not humble. I had that most unfortunate trait - tenacity. My faith hadn't brought me any closer to my God, but it was producing a lot of smoke and light. I hadn't actually articulated the thought - but everything I was doing demonstrated that I really did expect God to reward my tenacity. It didn't seem to bother me much that I didn't really trust God to answer my prayers, or defeat sin in my life.

I became adept at loop-hole prayers, "Dear God, if it be your will, then..." so that I never had to deal with the lack of power in my prayers - it was simply not God's will!

I likewise became adept at putting to death the outward manifestation of sin. I conquered pornography, sexual impurity, various addictions, and many bad habits - giving God the glory, but performing them all in my own strength - not because I loved God - but to silence the Holy Spirit's conviction - or said another way, because I loved myself.

In a word, I had become a Pharisee. It wasn't that I didn't want to know God, or that I wasn't saved - I was certainly, soundly saved, and I did want to know God -- But all my attempts at holy living lacked God's power. I simply did not believe that God could or would deliver me from the power of sin in my life.

I had convinced myself academically and intellectually, that my failure was actually success. That as long as I was struggling, I was doing fine - that that was the normal state of Christianity - and everyone was telling me how healthy that was. I myself counseled many in that way. You say you're struggling with sin - Great! That means that the Spirit is working in you! Hurrah! You should now try and stop sinning so that you can stop grieving the Holy Spirit ... somehow...!

All too recently, I am learning that if my 'Christianity' isn't setting me from my bondage to sin - something is really, really wrong. I am no longer able to write off this failure as normative - I know in my spirit that it is not.

Every failure starves us a little more spiritually until our hunger for God overcomes every other desire - and we seek God for real. We don't care anymore what anyone says or thinks - all we care about is knowing Christ. Is our problem unbelief - then we are willing to plumb the depths of our own soul and drag it all out before the Lord - here it is - take it - take it! Is our problem pride? Then break me - show me the truth about myself - cause me to see that thing that I love so much - let me see it for what it is. Is my problem the fear of man? Teach me to fear God!

There really is a holiness that isn't all that holy - a counterfeit holiness. The kind we make for ourselves. The kind that comes by the sweat of our own brow. We work to obey, we work to keep ourselves from sin - we strive to obey the law - because we haven't really accepted grace - really we don't understand it.

We are, as it were, saved but ignorant of our true standing in Christ. We might know the truth in our head - yes, I am dead to sin, yes I am alive to God, yes I am not under the law but under grace - but that verse in Romans six drives it home - "you are that one's slave whom you obey." No one who is sin's slave is holy - no one.

I haven't "arrived" btw. I just have my feet on the right road for a change.

Daniel van de Laar

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There really is a holiness that isn't all that holy - a counterfeit holiness. The kind we make for ourselves. The kind that comes by the sweat of our own brow. We work to obey, we work to keep ourselves from sin - we strive to obey the law - because we haven't really accepted grace - really we don't understand it.


In my opinion, what an awesome post. I will be thinking on these two words "counterfeit holiness" for many days to come.

As I read through your writing, a little hymn I grew up with has come to mind:

"What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought, Since Jesus came into my heart."

"I Have light in my soul for which long I had sought, Since Jesus came into my heart."

"I'm possessed of a hope that is steadfast and sure, Since Jesus came into my heart."

"And no dark clouds of doubt now my pathway obscure, Since Jesus came into my heart."

Neither have I arrived, and after many years as a Christian it would seem I have only just begun. But how glorious is that light for which long we had sought!!

In Christ,

Tony Sexton

 2005/3/1 13:03Profile

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Great post.

God does require holiness. It's a definite requirement but we can't do it through the flesh.

This is a wonderful reminder of that important truth. Pastor David (Wilkerson) preached a wonderful sermon entitled "Continuing in Sin" that deals with this as well:

Ed Pugh

 2005/3/1 13:58Profile


Great writers on this subject would be Leonard Ravenhill, E M Bounds, John Wesley, and Duncan Campbell also preached on Holiness.

 2005/3/1 14:47

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