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I am truly disapointed with Greg Gordon and his limited view of the christian role in the earth concerning government, elections, etc.

To tell christians that they cannot discuss these things on this forum smacks of socialist control.

Go ahead and clear my account.


 2012/11/4 7:33

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 Re: Kingdom

Friend, the topic of earthly politics is too argumentative, too polarizing. It is censored here for a reason. But just because it is is limited in the forum, that does not mean it is completely unimportant or that Greg has a "limited view" of it. He wisely chooses to not allow it here for the sake of unity - as with theological debating between Calvinism and Arminianism. By experience, we simply find it unprofitable for the edification of the saints as a whole.

There are plenty of Christian forums where political surmising is welcome and even encouraged. And that is what the forum eventually turns into: a political arena, full of the same accusations, haranguing, division we see in the world. We believe that such is not the will of God for His children.

Paul Frederick West

 2012/11/4 7:59Profile


Please clear my account.

Thank you.

 2012/11/4 8:04


Dear Thingsabove,

You really should re-consider and think about how your mind is reacting to this.

It can't be just this that is bothering you, there is something else because this is a very light thing to get all up in arms over. After all this is Greg's site that he has set up for the glory of God. He feels that (and I think the same way) that discussing politics in relation to the upcoming election is only going to gender strife.

I don't believe that Greg is opposed to discussing politics altogether if we can keep it light, I believe it's his intention that we don't get side tracked from the object of what this site is representing, Repentance, Revival, and Restoration of the gospel of God in the Church.

If Paul hasn't already removed your account, it would be better if you took a break from SI. You have much to contribute but right now you may be going through something that your not aware of or understand.

Be Blessed Brother/Sister.

 2012/11/4 10:33



I appreciate your words and thoughts.
I have been on Si since about 2005

I have been on a few "breaks."

However it has hit the point where a statement has to be made, that statement is removing me from SI.

I could say more but it would do no good.

 2012/11/4 11:16

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