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The real issue here jimp, is do we give for a "cause", however righteous, or because we have a relationship with Jesus Christ to have His Mind in all matters?

I hear what you are saying and sending money always seems to be the first "practical" thing we do __and God readily allows it and uses it however, when money doesn't work it is usually because enough isn't sent. May I suggest that money is sent in lieu of believing God for what His word declares? Can it be that few know it for a personal relationship with Him?

I am not looking to argue my point or any other point with regards to this subject___we ALL could use a fresh awakening to how short the time is and much left undone.

That said, we must know that God doesn't save "churches". He saves His "CHURCH" __and those conceived and birthed in-out of her. They are individuals last time I looked.

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