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 Victory for Christ in Utah

Some of you know Eli Brayley who is an evangelist and teacher in Logan, Utah.
He and Brad Scheelke have been witnessing to students at USU for many years. A young woman did an article for the Herald Journal. It was reported very well and she got the message right! Please pray for the people here in Logan, mostly Mormons to receive the message of the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ!
Many are coming out of the religious legalism of Mormism as well as the false teachings. Need your prayers for Utah.

 2012/11/2 13:19

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 Re: Victory for Christ in Utah

Awesome, I will be praying. Years ago there was a virtual revival of LDS people getting save, one family consisting of 10 wives, and 52 children mostly all got saved. Many are still solid in the Lord Jesus Christ today. God is able. I am in agreeement with you on this one.


 2012/11/2 13:48Profile


Lesley will be praying for tbe gospel to go forth in Utah. .May God save many in tbe LDS.


 2012/11/2 14:16


I went and read tbe srticle about these two evangelist in Logan Utah. They are right on. They are witnessing of tbe love of Jesus. I like they draw from tbe New Testament. Very encouraging article. May God bless much these evangelists and tbeir ministry.


 2012/11/2 16:02


These two brothers seem to focus upon the centrality of tbe cross of Christ. Much as Paul they are preaching Christ crucified. They are simply urging non believers to have faith in Jesus. So simple and beautiful.

I would urge all to read tbe article Lesley has posted.


 2012/11/2 16:08

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