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 CARTER CONLON - Hurricane Sandy - Can People See Jesus in Us?

This is a 30-minute talk by Pastor Carter Conlon last night from Times Square Church. He encourages the Body of Christ to put away judgment and show the love of Christ to those in need - and this after Hurricane Sandy swept thru his own home in New Jersey....It was convicting and humbling to me...

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 Re: CARTER CONLON - Hurricane Sandy - Can People See Jesus in Us?

This truly the heart of God, Jesus in the sermon on the mount, shared this very heart. I am adding a link to a video that even speaks more about our responsibilities to the world around us.


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 Re: CARTER CONLON - Hurricane Sandy - Can People See Jesus in Us?

Hi Mama 27,
I listened to part of it and am in agreement.
Just thinking about the following and heard someone say.
Judgement Mercy and Grace
Judgement is getting what we deserve
Mercy is not getting what we deserve
Grace is getting what we do not deserve

I know that their is a time for Judgement but I feel that God wants to delay it.I can only say that if I got what I deserve since I became a Christian I dont know where I would be.God has shown his mercy and grace to me and his Judgement,Your staff

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Body of Christ,

We've had several hurricane and experience a most horrifing storm in our city...but never, never have i felt in my heart what i felt with this perfect storm. Some called it perfect others called it super, but i think that the expression in all of our faces was non other then the fear of the Lord and a call to Repentence. It is so easy to call out judgement on a city and yes perhaps the city that does not sleep, but the ones that will be crying, during and after the storm will be us.

Is God angry? No! he is just soverign and knows how to wake up his church.

Thanks for the video.

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 Re: Paul Sheehan

Not long after I saw this video and made a post I received an email to my youtube account from Paul Sheehan. You will see him as Juvy 769 on the comments section of youtube. I have been doing some investigation into who this guy is because at first glance he seems like a pre cultist ralling against the mainstream church. I like it to a little dog barking long enough to try to be heard.

I have only come across one little article that describes his church but not necessarily his teachings. He is in Australia by the way.

He has published a number of videos on youtube of him preaching and they all go over and hour.

Has anyone ever heard of this guy? He is very vague when it comes to any credentials of ministry. I see red flags on him but I don't have enough information to say whether he is a fringe element or not. I did ask him about the fringe element and he responded with coming out from among them and be ye separate. I told him it was a clever phrase but that isn't what I meant by fringe. By fringe I mean using only certain scripture and building doctrine around them such as 7th Day Adventist. With them they start with the Commandments but are focused so much on the Sabbath which essentially missing the whole Gospel itself.


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I have watched a video of him where he judges and speaks against David Wilkerson for the entire message. Again I feel this is sharing in the ministry of the accuser the devil. This video series by Zac Poonen addresses this sin in the church and in some pulpits:

The Satan Controlled Tongue by Zac Poonen - Part 1 - YouTube

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