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 Re: An Apology to Mr Robert Wurtz

If I may say something about things posted in haste and then regret later.

When we post something that has to be recanted, it's not the same as speaking verbally.

Verbally it's quick, but typing it is not that quick.

We have to type it, scroll down and hit submit. During the time of typing we have the opportunity of 'cooling' down and think rationally about what we are doing.

But many don't. We continue on typing and getting nastier as we type.

On other forums years ago, If someone rubbed my fur the wrong way theologically, I would lash back and I would type type and type and type my rebuttal and at the end of it all, I would look at it and hit delete because I had the wrong spirit.

I now use a method to the way I submit these postings, I re-read my posts and I play the part of the person who will read it and I'd be my own critic. Sometimes they never make it to print.

But the point that I want to say is that while we are typing we have all the time in the world to not go through with our 'get back' attitude.

Than on the other hand, God allows us to rant so He will humble us later. And how many times have we found ourselves there? Approved.

I am obliged to respond to the posts that have been left in this thread.

Firstly thank you to everyone for their gracious and sincere replies they are a true blessing and do glorify the Living God in the heavens. They are also a testimony to Christ and the salvation that is in Him.

Whilst these replies are a comfort, one reply stands out above all the others and has to be acknowledged because it is true and thoroughly true.

We are not earthbound natural and demonic. We are sons and daughters of the Living God. We do not have to do anything. We do not have to press the enter button. I did not have to. Yet I did and I knew even at the moment I did that it was wrong and that it would produce no good thing. Yet God is gracious and he has His way of humbling His servants even thought they themselves know that they are being proud and foolish; yet they press the button.

In the dessert Israel was given Manna yet they asked for meat. They were given the knowledge of setting nets and they had meat. Yet the Manna was sufficient. I thank God that he sets a net for our feet and thereby He teaches us the meat of humility. Discernment is of no use whatsoever if it produces a natural, fleshy and demonic outworking. Of itself it will produce nothing if it is not tempered with humility, gentleness and mercy. It must be so because this was how the Lord Jesus lived and He is our example.

 2012/10/24 14:31

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