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 Gospel of Jesus' Wife' Forged by Modern Technology, Scholar Proposes

An American academic in England has proposed how the recently discovered "Gospel of Jesus' Wife", the papyrus fragment that made news in September, could have been forged using some modern-day technology.

Andrew Bernhard, Master of Studies at Oxford University, discovered a typo carried in one of the most widely distributed electronic copies of the authentic Gospel of Thomas is present in the Jesus' wife document. The academic argues in a 15-page paper how the fragment is a direct cut-and-paste from sections of the Gospel of Thomas by analyzing translations of Coptic and ancient Greek.

"Certainly, rigorous examination of the recently discovered papyrus fragment by specialists in Coptic papyrology and scientists able to evaluate the age of the manuscript and its ink will provide important information about whether Gos. Jes. Wife could be an authentically ancient text," Berhard begins in his written proposal. "However, it has already become clear that there are some striking similarities between this text and The Gospel of Thomas (Gos. Thom.) known from Nag Hammadi Codex II (NHC II), and these similarities deserve to be investigated promptly in detail. Textual analysis alone could provide strong evidence that Gos. Jes. Wife may be a modern forgery."

The papyrus, initially believed to be from the 2nd century and excavated in upper Egypt, was unveiled by Professor Karen King of Harvard Divinity School. King claims that the document is the only existing ancient text that has Jesus referring to having a wife, presumably by the name of Mary. Some of the translated Coptic passages from the papyrus include: "Jesus said to them," "My wife …" and "she will be able to be my disciple …"

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