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Notts. England.

 Re: dad Yorrie Richards - must share this amazing experience!

Thank you for your kind words and prayers for dad.
We are having the most amazing time with God in this situation!
Last Friday he was moved onto another unit to prepare to return home to be nursed by myself and Red Cross carers.

On the way to the new unit I was talking with his nurse and she was asking me about mum, as she had lost her mother and couldn't come to terms with it.
I told her how God had done amazing things as mum was dying. She waited with us to hand him over to his new nurse.
A young Jamaican man came over to us and shook hands with us, my daughter and two friends from church with us also. He then said "hello, my name is Emmanuel"
We were caught off guard there and completely lost it!!! laughing and exclaiming surprise to each other! The nurse who had come with us asked me what was so significant - why the reaction?? I explained that exactly the same thing had happend when mum died, a man had walked over to us, shook our hands and said "Hello, my name is Emmanuel,it is history repeating itself, but also the name Emmanuel is significant to us as it means 'God is with us'!
The nurse looked open mouthed at me as I exclaimed "God is with us! He is with us!" the nurse then exclaimed "Ohh wow! I see what you mean! that is amazing! Incredible!"

As dad has settled on the ward he is again having a huge impact there. A nurse this week told him that he is a beacon of light on the ward and he just shines!!

We visited on Tuesday with Ray, a very close friend of dad's, my son Dean and brother Carl. As we entered the ward my nephew was there along with the Pastor of dad & Ray. So the six of us sat around the bed. Eventually his Pastor had to leave.
A lady arrived to tend to her father in the bed next to dad, dad introduced her to us, her name being Margaret. She is a Christian but struggling.

After a while nurses came to attend to her dad and she was asked to leave for short while.
Margaret came out from behind the curtain and burst into tears. She came to the sink behind me to freshen up. Dad called out softly to her holding out his hand and asked if she would like prayer. "Ohh yes please" she responded "I can't handle this. My dad took ill the day I went on holiday so the family didn't tell me - I come home to find him in this state" (unconscious and near death)she continued "he is due to be moved to a nursing home to be with his wife, also in the same condition - I can't handle it, I need to feel God near me at home not just in church"

Margaret sat next to dad's head holding his hand. My son Dean was holding his other hand, so we all linked up around the bed! Dad started to pray and I have never heard anything like it! he started to weep as he prayed as he felt her grief and pain, he just poured out his heart.
The presence of God started to be noticeable around us! Ray also started to weep, we were all fighting the tears!
Margaret thanked us all and turned back to tend to her dad.

Dad cried at what had just happened. When dad calmed down the presence of God was still sround so I asked dad for a favour, would he please pray for me and bless me - not only me but my husband and family, and everyone around the bed too. Dad again cried and said he would be delighted and would count it an honour to pray and bless me.
Ohh Wow!!! What a prayer!!! he poured his heart out to God on my behalf, my family, my sister in law (who is still attending church with us)and all around the bed.
We struggled to keep a dry eye! Ray again sobbing as dad prayed for him and blessed him.
We all became aware of an awesome silence on the ward - even the 'shouter' in the next bay was silent. The presense of God descended so strongly, patients & visitors and nurses were sat transfixed in complete silence. There was such warmth, peace and such stillness. On such a busy ward you could have heard a pin drop - literally!!
I was glowing red hot inside and just praised the Lord! Margaret at her dad's bedside at the side of us had her head down on his bed with her hands folded in prayer, weeping.

All of us were deeply affected. Upon leaving the hospital I asked Ray what he thought of that tonight! I love his reply - "your dad's spirit" he said "is so powerful, so strong, so close to God that it is too big for his body! You do not see the weak frail man at all, for all you see is his spirit far outshining his weaknesses - he is an inspiration to us all! He is in complete victory!

God has given us something so special that I can honestly say "O death where is thy sting; O grave thy victory; I triumph still if thou O Lord abide with me!!

Dad tells me the ward is his mission field and he is serving the purposes of God there and when God has completed his purposes, then he'll take him home.

Ceri Elaine

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I can only cry in humble adoration....thank you for sharing....Bless you ALL!

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And I teared up, too.

God bless you for sharing.


Sandra Miller

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what a total joy to hear this testimony. I causes my heart to rejoice in the goodness and mercy of our God. blessings on your, your Dad, and your family.


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hi Ceri,
reminds me of time with my dad before he went .as a family we were granted a few weeks ,funny happy at times ,sad and beautiful at others.God bless you and your dad love love love glorious love thank you lord


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 Oh Sister! Rejoicing with you

What a mighty God we serve.
Yorrie Richards, servant of the Most High,
what an example to all of us!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing.

 2012/10/18 20:12

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