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 Kenyan Christians fear former brethren are attacking churches

Kenyan church leaders and analysts are expressing concern that recent Muslim converts from Christian rural regions are the new breed of jihadists targeting churches, public places, and police in the country.

In the latest incident, a grenade attack injured at least 10 officers from the paramilitary General Service Unit in the port city of Mombasa. The unit has been cracking down on terror groups in the coastal region.

Al Shabab, a militant Islamist group with ties to Al Qaeda, is no longer relying on its traditional base of Somali or Swahili Muslims. Instead, the group is recruiting a new multi-ethnic band of recruits, many of whom are former Christians, making it more difficult to identify would be attackers. ..

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 Re: Kenyan Christians fear former brethren are attacking churches

I talked to a man a few months back who was from Kenya, visiting our local area or passing through I am not sure which. He said he was here with the U.N. or something.
But I was able to ask him some questions about the conditions there and Christian persecution etc.
Though he did not know much about Christian persecution.
He did say that Kenya being one of the most better developed countries in Africa mostly due to tourism was now being economically downtrodden. He said that due to the Muslim influence surrounding them, tourists were not wanting to come to Kenya so much as before which was destabilizing their economy.

Interesting the wave effects of persecution and how it can effect even those countries who do not always seem to be effected so much.


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