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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : FYI ... The ring that Obama has worn for more than 30 years says: “There is no God except Allah".

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Wow bro. You gittin all worked up.

No not really. Just curious what modern version added "arrogance" to the fruits of the Spirit.


 2012/10/16 11:04


Ok. Since we are talking conspiracy here. I mean we were talking about Obama's ring. Rumor is at tbe Mormon temple in Washington DC. A copy of tbe Oval Office exist on a secure floor. Supposedly this office is tbe same one Romney would use in tbe White House. The Mormon Oval Office has the same communication protocols as the White House.

Very interesting for the man to save the U S Constitution. Ok. Enough. Off this thread.

Bearmaster standing down.

 2012/10/16 11:04

 Re: KK

Bro love you too in Jesus. Pray you have a safe blessed move to New York and God use you greatky up there. As one brother would say. Gotta love you and leave you.


 2012/10/16 11:09

Joined: 2008/2/15
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New York

 Re: bearmaster

Sorry never heard of "White Horse Prophesy".

Not sure where you pulled that out of.

There is not a candidate running that is my Savior. But I am also not going to stick my head in the sand and say I am not going to vote at all.

I believe that a God has established this nation and granted us the freedoms we have in the Constitution. I am not going to avoid voting because the exact cookie cutter candidate isn't running. I will cast my vote for the person who best represents what I hold dear according to the Scriptures.

Not sure why you are bringing up anything about Mormonism in your comment to me. I never said anything about a Mormon. I did not say that the particular candidate was a Muslim, Jew, Mormon, Christian, Atheist...

 2012/10/16 12:05Profile


Good points, Iceman. I do not see in the Bible where we are called to remove ourselves from involvement in the societies we live in. Seperate from the sin and debauchery yes indeeed. But be completely not involved in the political process, or in society in general... it's just not in the Bible.

To the soldier Paul said to obey the Lord and obey his commanding officer. To the tax collectors Jesus did not command them all to cease being tax collectors... He told them to cease being scoundrels. Peter did not tell the jailer to stop being a jailer.

I'm certainly not saying Christians should jump into politics and run for every office in the land. The church has made that mistake in the recent past. But we ARE called to salt and light in this world. We do this by living out our faith in the public realm. For some it may mean dying a martyrs death. For others it may mean speaking out for the unborn. For many it means casting a vote against abortion or gay marriage in the voting booth.

If someone can show me where the Bible commands believers to pull out of society and have no public presence... and to avoid any dealings with the government or voting... then I will concede that I am wrong about this.

And even after all of this... I certainly do believe that some people feel convicted in their heart that they should refrain from voting. To that I said "please refrain!". To do otherwise would be a sin for you.

What makes me sick enough to puke however is when someone feels convicted about something they can not believe that God may NOT convict someone else of the same thing... and so we end up sitting in judgement over one another.

That needs to stop.


 2012/10/16 12:40


Iceman... I'm gonna go back into hibernation. This forum is whackier than when I left.

I'd love to get together with you for coffee when I get up there to NY. Unfortunately since they did away with private messages on this forum I dont have a way of getting you my contact info without posting it publicly, and I'm not about to do that! (made that mistake once)

We'll just figure it out somehow.


 2012/10/16 12:48

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KrispyKrittr.....I dont have a way of getting you my contact info without posting it publicly, and I'm not about to do that! (made that mistake once)

We'll just figure it out somehow.


Easy Bro! you just go to hotmail and make up any name and use that address for stuff like this, I have a hotmail I use this for, works great.


 2012/10/16 12:53Profile

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 Re: This thread

Hello all,

Well what a beautiful A.M. it truly is. Another day to think & pray how we can make a difference. Sun is shining today in the Rockt Mts.

O bearmaster love love love a good laugh. "Hiyoh Silver."
<THAT> did it for me!! :-D love it. good medicine.

As far as the white horse theory I have heard of it. But to be sure I did what I always do & guess what the non christian wikipedia solved that, the most disconcerting part they want to come to my neighborhood the Rockies, ugh.

Truth is they are buying up tons of land right around the corner from us.

Any way Krispy made good point too. I get it. All my christian friend and aquaintances are voting for Romney.

It doesn't bother that they are, I hope he wins over the Obamanation that is ruling now. imo that is.

BUT I personally long for Christ to come & rule & reign & be done with earth as we have it. I long for the new Heaven & earth. Isn't that normal for a Christian?

There is no conspiracies in truth.

The bible tells all about Satan's conspiracies. Guess who serves him? Too many in very high places. No one need look far to prove the Bible.

Anyway, I love my true bro.'s & sis's in Christ whether we agree on everything or not & this was a good read for me cuz I gotta really good hardy chuckle, so I'm smiling & signing off. Love to all & blessings. Keep smiling, Jesus wins this for us, thank u Lord.

 2012/10/16 12:54Profile

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Thank-you armkelly, Micaah, and thingsabove for your reply.

Yes, I do know there is a lot of hypocrisy in middle east counties as far as morality goes goes, but they do officially stand for morality - like many Christians do, say one thing but do another. Still...I thought surely they would stand for something...give some semblance of morality. SIGH

I do not know whether this is an urban legend but I do not always trust these people who supposedly look into reports to determine their authenticity. But God knows. Are we not glad? In the meantime we are called to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves. Now how does this look like where the rubber meets the road?

Sandra Miller

 2012/10/16 12:57Profile

 Re: Iceman

Brother the only true freedom we have is found in tbe cross of Jesus Christ. The work of redemption found at Cavary. That freedom is guaranteed sealed with the hood if tbe Lamb himself.

God never guaranteed us freedom through tbe US Constitution. The Constitution is no more inspired than any other man made document. The Constitution is a work of man. Not God. Granted it shows tbe genious of man. But tbe wisdom of God is wiser than man as shown in tbe cross.

It is tbe cross of Christ that matters. Not tbe Constitution nor the Republic nor the Flag. It is the cross of Jesus Christ and nothing else.
The worship of political institutions is idolatry. We have one King. He is Jesus.

Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world. Paul said our citizensp is above. For Christians to acknowledge this in other parts of tbe world brings them imprisonment and death. The early Christians were persecuted because they would not swear Caesar. This implied to worship him as a god. This is why the believers met tbeir death in tbe arena.

I see much rhetoric being echoed here as tbe Constitution and Republic are elevated to godlike status. Almost one feels compelled to worship them. In N. Korea and Eritrea the worship of tbe state is enjoined upon tbe citizens. Believes who worship Jesus are in opposition to the state. They are imprisoned and martyred. The stare controlled by Satan will not tolerate Jesus reigning over them.

This is why I posted earlier that people are trading one man controlled by an antichrist spirit for another. The only sure option is to go to tbe cross and bask in tbe freedom of Christ. His freedom is guaranteed and eternal. His kingdom is everlasting. That cannot be said for tbe Constitution or the Republic. For these are of man and not God.


 2012/10/16 13:06

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