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hi, as a babe in Christ about 50 years ago , i was befriended by a great theologion named clarke pinnock who published a few books on the subject while at nobts and trinity in ill.he later found out that man can change Gods mind.if my people which are called by my likemost things we argue about for hours it seems so foolish to me.we should be out in the world(our unsaved friends and neighbors homes tellin them of the love of Jesus)but not being so religeous.remember where you came from.jimp

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Go into all the world...

Study to show yourself approved...

We need a balance. If you throw out the "Go into all the world..." part, or if you throw out the "Study to show yourself approved..." then you are out of balance.

Both are commands that come from the mouth of God. Both need to be lived out in our lives. If one of them is missing then we are off the rails.


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And if you go without the anointing, forget it.

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we are locking this thread because on the forums at SermonIndex we desire to not promote Calvinism nor Arminianism views but the Word of God. We do this because of the great division, dis-unity, debating and strife this topic brings. We should not glory in converting to a theological position rather we should all glory in Jesus Christ and desire to walk in obedience to Him, pleasing Him because He bought us with such a great price.

This thread is being locked.

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