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 Prayer for my work


I would value your prayers at this time. It seems ironic to ask in this climate, but I am working too long and too hard.

My typical day sees me get to the office around 8:30-9 am, and leave typically around 9pm, this situation has gone on for most of this year. My marriage is struggling because of this, most of the talking I do to my wife is on the phone or during the moments we can get during weekends (as her work involves every day - she looks after dogs).

Even more ironically, our director is a Christian from the same church, and every time I have spoken to him, I seem to be fobbed off with a 'we'll get these projects out of the way, things will get better' - this has been happening repeatedly since January of this year.

I am in despair, I don't want to come to work most days, have though horrible black thoughts, and just need a break, the workload to go, if only a little bit - I've prayed much about this, and there's been no change. Today is no exception - it's approaching midnight, and I expect I might be finished by about 2am, if it goes well...

I wanted to help Greg with the website, for I am a web developer myself, but here I am, almost all the time.

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