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Notts. England.

 Would love to share with you re dad Yorrie Richards

As you know dad is critically ill on a Coronary care unit and could be called home at any moment.
He now has to remain on oxygen, his heart and lungs are in a dreadful condition plus further complications.
Yet - despite all his problems I am amazed at what the Lord is doing, as dad is too - he's been weeping over how God is using him from his bed!
Ok - he has his bad days and is very weak, but his face shines, his eyes sparkle like a shining light!
Many visitors are telling me how blest they are when they visit and are so thrilled they went to see him.
Last Wednesday a group of nurses sat around his bed while he shared his testimony with them, they then came up to him asking him to pray for them, one nurse an asian male broke down sobbing as dad prayed!
Later that day a couple of Anglicans came to visit the ward to do a patient survey and asked dad if he was a Christian, they sat with him open mouthed as dad shared his testimony with them too and asked him if they could send in others of their group to share with him too!
Patients on his unit are responding to him and are sitting talking with him as he shares of his life and prays with them.
As I sat with him last week I watched him as he started gazing up at the ceiling and his eyes were following something, his eyes shone and he had a faint smile. I sat looking at him thinking 'wow dad your eyes are sparkling and so full of life-you must be so close to Glory'!
He has told three separate visitors that 'he is on an adventure with God and is there because God has purposed it and when God has fulfilled his purposes then he'll take him home - everyday of my life is in God's timing' he says! On Sunday the hospital chaplain took him communion and he shared with her a message! She said she would definately check him out on youtube!
God is giving us something special of himself in these moments, I am so comforted and at peace seeing him so happy and God still using him for His Glory! Amazing!!

Ceri Elaine

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 Re: Would love to share with you re dad Yorrie Richards

Thank you for sharing this uplifting message. I will pray for your Father and your family and for those to whom he is witnessing.

What a grand send off this is. To be able to experience joy when the world expects sadness. I look forward to meeting your Father in Heaven, among so many others. We can't take any notes with us but I believe the Lord will bring them all to mind for us.

Kind regards,
white stone


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What you have shared has SO blessed me! Thank you...

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 Re: Would love to share with you re dad Yorrie Richards

Dear Ceri,

Thank you for sharing this window into how God is using your Dad, even at his last hour. It really is a blessing!

I met your Dad briefly at the Sermon Index conference in Scotland and was blessed by his ministry there. A man full of God!


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 Re: Would love to share with you re dad Yorrie Richards

Sweet Ceri,
Thank you so much for sharing this with us. Oh that we could all be at his side to see these things! Glory!

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