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 Rachel's Challenge ... Groundwork for revival?

Recently, our local newspaper had an article regarding Rachel's Challenge coming to our area schools. I had never heard of it, but when I researched it, I found it quite interesting.

Here's the primary website:

Rachel Scott was the first killed in the Columbine school shooting. Several things had happened prior to her death which laid the groundwork for the program that is challenging and affecting thousands of youth all over the USA and in other countries.

This video explains it more or less in a nut-shell:

Although Rachel was a Christian, Christianity is not mentioned in the program. Of course it would not be permitted in public schools if it were, but the principles that are presented are Christian principles and they are affecting many young people in a positive way.

Principles of valuing all lives and loving your neighbor as yourself and acting in compassion toward others... being established could lay the groundwork for the message of Christ and his ultimate sacrifice being received in hearts that otherwise would have only been hardened by the cruel world in which we live.

Here's another among many videos showing some of the fruit of the program:

The fruit of thousands of cruel school students crying and asking for forgiveness for their meanness to teachers and other students could be the groundwork laid for them coming to realize that only through Jesus Christ can they truly continue a life of forgiveness and kindness.

Of course it could also lay the groundwork for self deception in thinking that kindness is all you need. It is according to how many get reached with the message of Christ after the presentation comes to their schools.

Let's pray for the young people whose lives are affected by this program that they will go on further to a relationship with the Author of love and kindness.

Michael Strickland

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