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 Re: Democrats Affirm Everything God Hates, Says John MacArthur

Since when is preaching against abortion, homosexuality, and removing God from our vocabulary not the gospel?

EVERYTHING is religious, brother, even "politics". The gospel touches every aspect of life. beyedoers.

The truth is that preaching against abortion, homosexuality and the removal of the knowledge of God from common vocabulary isn't the gospel. All of these things are synonymous with the wickedness of men, but to preach against them does not amount to preaching the gospel.

Some brethren will in the end have to preach against these things, at least the first two of them, but that wont amount to preaching the gospel either. It will just mean that nations and governments will be left without excuse. Who in their right mind doesn't find these things an abomination and an offence. Yet the one who must speak against them may also have to go to prison as well. Most will simply hold the knowledge in their hearts and privately grieve.

Preaching the gospel is the gospel of grace. You wont win a man or a woman to Christ if you begin by rebuking them with the words that their actions are an abomination unto God. Christ didn't die for abominations in that sense He died to take away the sin of the world. Preach Christ crucified for sin with real compassion and tears and show men and women what it means to say that God loves them and wants to deliver them from the power of sin then they too will comprehend that God's grace is God's mercy also. "Thy mercy triumphs over Thy judgements".

I don't believe that the gospel should touch every aspect of life. It should touch every aspect of individual men and women's lives. Then it will touch everything which God intend it to touch. The only thing which was given to the church were the keys to the kingdom of heaven. Repentance and baptism. We are not called to make disciples of nations, but disciples of all men, who happen to live in the nations. The nations belong to God not the church. The gospel of grace is given to the church. God does sent His servants to the nations, to rebuke governments and kings, but he has not appointed the gospel of grace for that purpose.

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 Re: Democrats Affirm Everything God Hates, Says John MacArthur

I for one wish there were more Christians involved in politics. Is there any Scripture forbidding a Christian to also be a politician? I can't think of any at the moment. I don't think coming apart from the world and being separate from it is instruction to turn a blind eye to the direction of our country.

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Living in Arkansas I am aware of a well known Southern Baptist Minister turned politician. Even ran for President once. He is now a FOX conservative talk show host. How could one ever turn away from preaching tbe glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and get into tbe curse of politics I never know. But thus nan surely has no power in his ministry. But then he gas no ministry.

It seems the devil tempts pastors to turn away from their spiritual calling to indulge in temporal politics. Their ministry loses power. Praise God I heard men last weekend who have a heart for the tbe things of Christ. And not afraid to declare his gospel.

I dont think we should be judging someone like Mike Huckabee like this. Maybe he is following a path that God has called him to. Maybe pastoring was a "seasonal" calling for him... meaning God called him to do that for a season, but now has him doing something else.

We need to stop pointing fingers and judging what others are doing, especially since you do not know the man.

Not defending Huckabee... just speaking out against the judgemental attitude in your words.


 2012/10/18 8:31


By the way... John MacArhtur... he's the man.

Bearmaster's assessment of MacArthur and his ministry is incorrect. He is a seasoned and senior Bible teacher, and as such he has every right to speak to the culture and level his thoughts and opinions about it. Political or otherwise. We NEED more men... older men... like MacArthur!


 2012/10/19 11:55

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We are really trying to minimize and ask that political posts and discussions do not happen on this forum website. We exhort everyone to pray for leadership in the country and to focus on the kingdom of God more than the kingdoms of this world.

also it would be helpful for some who have not read the community rules to do so: SermonIndex Community Guiding Principles:

thank you dear brothers and sisters.

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