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Continuing in prayer.


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 Re: Prayer for my husband

I'm praying for your husband that he will get better soon.

Gary Gentzel Jr.

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 Re: Prayer for my husband

Dear Sister,
May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ remain with you and Oscar.
I read you were researching alternative therapies and here's my little contribution in that regard.

The first link pertains to the testimony of a Baptist pastor who was wonderfully healed from Stage 3 Colon Cancer; the second is the story of a young man, Chris, who also recovered from the same kind of cancer.

I hope you find something useful there.

It is well with your souls.

Hugging you over time and space,

Your Sister in Christ.


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Thank you all for your advice. I will look at those websites, Theophila.

Sorry to hear about your husband White Stone. I hope he is doing better and that what he had is not life threatening. It sounds really serious.

Thanks above all for all your prayers. My husband was able to eat yesterday afternoon. It was just a few bites of cantaloupe, but he ate more at dinner. This morning he ate reasonably well for his condition. I praise God that your prayers have reversed his nausea. It is also prayer and the Mercy of God that going to heal him.


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 just a few bites of cantaloupe

Dear one,

Praise Jesus for all improvements, both grate and small!

Lord willing your husband will be able to come home where I am sure will give his Spirit a lift, no matter his physical condition.

My husband is improving from the surgery. It was very serious but not life threatening, unless the aneurysm had burst. The surgery was to eliminate that threat.

Lord willing your husband shares your strong faith. I don't remember if that has been mentioned. I will pray that it is so.

Kindest regards, please feel free to email me.


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