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 Chinese Police Proudly Record Their Torture of Christians

Warning from Randy Alcorn: Parts of this article are disturbing. We are printing it so you can pray for our suffering brothers and sisters, and to answer those who claim Chinese Christians are no longer persecuted.

In the spring of this year, one of Voice of the Martyr’s most trusted contacts brought the following Chinese interrogation and torture photographs to us with documentation. The names of the policemen and the Christians have been independently verified. The photographer, an “insider,” assured the police that these photos of their work would go to their superiors as record of their “conscientious work” with the possibility of a “promotion.” Most of these believers are in their street clothes. The Chinese Christians who smuggled these photographs to us explained that the torture of Christians is a weekly affair. The photographer is now in hiding and will be for some years.

Sister Ma and her family were sound asleep one night in May 2001, when Chinese Public Security Bureau police burst into her house and arrested her, her son and her daughter-in-law. The police left her 5-year-old grandson alone with nobody to take care of him. A 27-year-old woman, a friend and fellow Christian named Yu Zhongju, dropped by the house during the raid and was also arrested.

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