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 Commitment to Christ??

I do not believe in making a commitment to Christ. Christianity has nothing to do with making a commitment. Conversion is not making a commitment to Christ. Conversion is having a life changing experience with Christ called being born-again. Making a "commitment" and having an "experience" are two different things.

If we go around and get people to make commitments to Christ, we will need to follow them around to make sure they are going on in their commitment. However, if someone is born again into the Kingdom of God, they need no follow- up. They will naturally seek it out themselves. As a baby naturally seeks after milk without being told, so a genuine convert seeks after the milk of the Word without having anyone tell them.

There is a dedication that comes with following Christ. However you could make a commitment and yet not have an experience. And it's the conversion experience that we must aim at in our preaching.

I see a distinction between "follow-up" and "discipleship".

I am all for Christian discipleship. The more discipleship the better. Christians need to be discipled. Discipleship is to help someone [B]grow[/B] in the faith while modern follow up seems to be to help someone [B]stay[/B] in the faith. Big difference.

 2005/2/24 20:13

 Re: Commitment to Christ??

I believe and Scripture states that we must ...must must must be baptized with and in the Holy Spirit!!


thats the Power Line, the blessed Holy Spirit.

Jesus IN me, and speaking thru me.

Jesus IN me, sometimes I reflect on meditate on that and it just blows me away....just like a baby growing in a human mother, the Saviour taking up tabernacle within us....

God with us.

and the Baptism in the Spirit...does that nessecarily mean 'tongues'...maybe, maybe not....but praise God you will get at least one of the nine gifts, from the greatest which is love, to the least which is tongues.

How can you stand out on the street and preach the Word? your own strength?

no sir, by the Holy Ghost baptism.

Its the Power Line.


I'm gonna write ya an email...see iffin yur headed west in May!!

 2005/2/24 20:31

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Cache Valley, Utah


I'm through with doing things on my own strength.

[i]"Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty"[/i] - Zechariah 4:6

And also, what good fruit could possibly grow from a bad tree? But our fruit comes from Him!

[i]"Your fruitfulnes comes from me."[/i] - Hosea 14:8

Eli Brayley

 2005/2/25 10:36Profile

 Re: Neilgin???

What on earth did your post have to do with the original post about "Commitment to Christ"? Sigh.

Amen and amen. There is a huge difference between commitment and conversion.

Once the Lord used me to bring saving grace to a family who had a community wide reputation of being totally ungodly. When this event took place, I did not realize that this was the family I had heard so much about.

After their conversion, I did not have opportunity to visit them again. But the changes in their lives became as notorious as their ungodliness had been before, and so it should be. God got all the glory, and so be it. My part was only that of being a willing vessel. With nothing inside, these folks would still be thirsty. It was He Who lives in us that used my vessel to accomplish His will. So to God be the glory, now and forever amen. Back to the point, conversion is far serparate from commitment. Commitments are easier to come by and are of man's own strength. You can build a social club with commitments. But conversions are by the power and spirit of God. He builds His church with living stones. The evidence is obvious and non-debatable.
Somewhere here, I wrote a piece called "Vital Connectivity". If there is no conversion, there is no vital connectivity with God. If we have no connectivity with God, we do not share His life. We are still walking dead men. We may possess statistics that hold us in high acclaim. But His life will not be seen in our members or numbers.

 2005/2/27 8:24

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