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 Christian Persecution Intensifies Around the Globe

The Bible is clear: “All who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” (2 Tim. 3:12).

Vicious persecution against Christians worldwide has skyrocketed in the last few years. Just the other morning on television I saw a Christian pastor maligned by journalists because he dared to call people “sinners.” In other words, we are now targeted for stating even the most basic tenets of our faith including, “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Ro. 3:23).
God in His love has provided a Savior for sinners. But only those who acknowledge their condition can receive cleansing. As the apostle Paul said, “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am chief” (1 Tim 1:15). Yet this greatest of all love stories—the gospel itself—is being vehemently accosted here in America and worldwide.

The recent maelstrom of violence throughout the Middle East directly ...

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 Re: Christian Persecution Intensifies Around the Globe

its not that i am doubting that Christians are persecuted because i know that they are in other countries and i know that it can happen anywhere but what i don't see or understand is the idea that large scale open persecution against Christians in the USA is about to happen.(maybe i need a current events lesson to help me with all this) i have heard some speak about persecution where Christians will be rounded up and taken off to camps, Bibles being taken away and people being put in jails for following Christ but besides a few who have failed to get permits for home studies there is nothing like this going on or happening here. i'm not saying it can't happen but to say that its about to happen in the next year?? trying to understand the timing of what some are saying is about to happen.


let me just add that i do pray for those who are speaking at the conference and for everyone helping out just not sure i am seeing everything as clearly as some on this. thanks for patients with me though

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 Re: rdg

My sister the persrcution we see happening in China, Iran, or Eritrea is not occurring here. Yet, that is. What has been taking place in the last severall decades is an eroding away of our relgious liberty. Where now, there is only the illusion of religious freedom.

In 1963 prayer was taken out if the public school system. Followed by ACLU law suits against cities displaying nativity scenes and 10 commandments. All of this with the secular indoctrination taking place throughout our society that has given rise to the acceptance of abortion and gay lifestyles. In the process their has been the removing of truth in our society to pave the way for Satanic lies..

What I gave above is a simplified overview of what has been taking place in our nation over the last several decades. It is the frog in a pan of water. Throw a frog in a pan of boiling water he jumps out. Put a frog in lukewarm water and slowly turn the flame up. You boil him alive. This is what has been happening to the church here.

Now we are at the juncture that to speak out on the most basic Biblical truth one us taken to task. We as believers are slowly being marginalized and made to look like idiots. What next. Bibke being declared ilkegal. Possibly if trends continue. Detention centers. Quite possibly if Christians declared as enemies of the state.

But sister. Let ne leave you with this. Where the revival is taking place is in places where the church is being persecuted. In China and Iran the church is growing by leaps and bounds. Thus if we hope to see revival in our country. It may be in the context of persrcution. God may use persecution to purify for himself a bride here in N. America.

Hope this provides some help as you think this through.


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Hope this provides some help as you think this through.


hey thanks so much for the response. i will keep praying and seeking the Lord on this, not sure i am seeing things the way some others are but i do believe we need to pray and keep seeking after the Lord.


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Today when the topic of Christian persecution comes up among western Christians, we tend to think of, or draw our opinions on the persecutions of early Rome. That period we've all read of in biblical oriented texts. The question IMHO, should be focused more so on "the root of persecution". What causes and how is it brought about. I think most here would agree it can be stated, Christian persecution is, in essence anti Christ. We don't have to look far to find anti Christ today given the rapid rise of atheism and apostasy. Not to mention the rapid growth and tolerance in and of certain non Christian religions.

I would suggest one do casual readings of the founding of Communist Russia and then perhaps the Ottoman Empire of the early decades of the 20th century. Both of which governments were committed to ridding themselves of all religious ideas. Atheism is/was central to the communist ideology of the Soviet Union and in great part demanded the destruction of Christian teachings. Atheism was considered to be more intellectual, virtuous, and desirable. The state then established atheism as the only truth and forbid open criticism. Those thought to break these laws were labeled enemies of the state which would/could lead to imprisonment or even death. This all began with subtle ways and means. What path are many countries on today? How about the U.S.?

Today we laugh at such characters as "Archie Bunker" for his frequent use of the word "commie" and "atheist". But I would challenge anyone to visit some of the non Christian message boards on the net and read some of the posts found there. Read comments posted in response to news articles concerning church, Christian values, science, etc. The absolute hatred of God, and Christianity is frightening and one can easily see a parallel to those attitudes mentioned above. I firmly believe the same potential threats face us today as those which were realities in the countries and governments I mention. Persecution takes many forms and if we take the time to be aware, listen and look around us we can see it. Not persecution to death, but persecution which tends to expand with increased hatred.

Again, visit some of these message boards, make a post with comments concerning, Jesus,or scriptures and read the replies or simply read the replies to comments another has made. You might be shocked in to reality. Then consider how many Christians might be intimidated to not respond, profess or confess Christianity, consider your personal reaction to what you read there, think of Peter then come back here with your report. I am very serious, this is a learning and eye opening experience. Today many tend to "admit" Christianity as though it is demeaning, a sickness or an indication of ignorance. How long before they/we deny Him? God help us!

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"What has been taking place in the last several decades is an eroding away of our religious liberty. Where now, there is only the illusion of religious freedom."

So true. Those of us who are a little old, have witnessed this.

Some years ago a columnist wrote that when he was a teenager boys drove pick-ups to school. Inside they had a gun rack with rifles and other assortment of guns. These were in full view of everyone. But he said, no body ever considered taking these guns and shooting people. Guns were used to hunt game which is what they did a lot of. Today boys cannot even take a pocket knife to school!

Violence is being promoted everywhere - in the music, the entertainment, the news media. Sin is whitewashed in the churches via of using the world's music. If you see people participating in it you see sensual movements on stage... Homosexuality is being accepted. The ranks of those accepting it among church people are growing. It used to be that divorce and remarriage was frown upon but now it is being accepted with no qualms by most but it took a while for people to get there. Perversion is on a fast track to acceptance and will soon be the norm. To speak out against it will invite the ire and wrath of many so-called Christians.

RDG, when a Believer exposes sin it will invite the wrath, the ire of hypocrites. It was done in Jesus' time and it is happening today. And it hits awfully close home sometimes. This, to me, is a serious form of persecution. Jesus foretold it as well.

RDG, the problem today is that people have gotten used to the dark. They cannot see the light because they prefer the darkness. This is where they are the most comfortable. Anyone who threatens their security becomes a subject of their wrath - this is a form of persecution. Too many of us think that being hauled off to prison and being tortured is persecution. While this is true, the devil is making far more progress in wearing people down by allowing his henchmen be professing Christians who will attack and work to disarm the Believer.

Have a good day.

Sandra Miller

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