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 Austin City Council endorses same-sex marriage

The Austin City Council has voted to make the capital city of Texas the first in the state to formally endorse the legalization of same-sex marriages.
The Thursday vote was unanimous.

The state of Texas doesn't presently recognize same-sex marriages. State law defines marriage as strictly between a man and a woman.

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 Re: Austin City Council endorses same-sex marriage

As Austin has sought to be recognized, not only the state capital but also the cultural capital of Texas, it should come as no surprise that tolerance is but one of the many diverse issues it will champion. What more appropriate slogan could this city adopt beyond that which it has, "Keeping Austin Weird". Texas has seen a great migration of people from all parts of the United States and abroad. The influx from Californian's into Austin has brought with it a great many influences that have run counter cultural to the heartbeat of Texas. Just as the national scene seems to get darker and darker, we would be kidding ourselves to think locally we could somehow be exempt. If the bride does not continually remind herself that she is not of this kingdom, no matter how much it desires to pull her in, she will be a frustrated bride.

We grieve the direction of the social/moral agenda of our age. We see the acts of moral rebellion against God clearer each day so that both the perpetrator and the discerning are left without excuse. In an age of compromised gospel, maybe one of God's graces is to define more clearly, the darkness around us and make known the Living Water which is the only livation by which man need no longer thirst.

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