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A must hear sermon

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 Re: ABSOLUTE SURRENDER keith daniels

Some testimonies from that message:

Challenging (January 01/2008)
Reviewed by: UlsterMan
What an example of how God can use a life that is yielded to Him. Mr. Daniels creates a desire withing the soul to be the person, surrendered to God, that God can use. Oh that I would be in a place were God would guide me to such Divine encounters.

Amazing! (February 15/2007)
Listen to this sermon - you'll be strengthened and challenged!

Amazing stories! Ohh God enlarge our hearts for thee! (March 04/2006)
Reviewed by: ChrisJD
From the message..."How can you say God is a God of love when there are so many peole suffering in this world, I don't have all the answers, (but?)this I do know, this I do know when a man is absolutely surrendered to God and God fills him with the Holy Spirit, from that moment that man is led by God to souls. (from?)that moment, he is driven with a compassion to people that are hurting, he is driven with a compassion almost every step of the way to lost souls that are hurting. Don't tell me God doesn't love, He just needs one man (under?)absolute surrender and he drives the man to every soul He sees hurting." I can't recommend this message enough. The love of Christ constrains us!

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 Re: ABSOLUTE SURRENDER keith daniels

This is absolutely one of my favorite sermons of all time by Bro Keith Daniel....I have heard it many times, and God continues to peel the onion layers off of me in this arena of absolute surrender....pride, idols of the heart (aka children, family), where He has placed me in life, and on and on.....I realize God has innumerable ways of reaching people right where they are at, but this is a MUST LISTEN in my opinion....

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 Re: ABSOLUTE SURRENDER keith daniels

A powerful sermon, here is another one from Mr. Daniel on the topic of dying to self, it is titled Have You Had a Personal Calvary...

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