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Joined: 2012/8/19
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United States


Amen, thank you so much. I would really appreciate the prayers. I've been reading a lot of the new testament lately as opposed to the old, but i'll catch up on it soon!
i have a question: Are you in an environment that loves Christ?

Ruth James

 2012/10/3 19:41Profile

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hi, when i repented for the second time and was miraculously filled with Gods Spirit i searched for a church in new orleans. i found one in baker la.90 miles away. a small church filled with the spirit with bapist influance. i quit my good job in n.o. and got a job in baton rouge working at a gas station. the boss wanted me there to open up at 445am.i got paid for 2 hours and 15 minutes to read my bible for a year. the word was in my heart and on my lips. i memorized large portions that have sustained me these last 40 years since. God loves His word and will make a way if we agree to obey.jimp

 2012/10/3 20:08Profile

 Re: Onrmite

Brother blessed post. You remind us how precious the word is in those countries were scriptures are restricted . Brother may you keep pressing into God's Word and be blessed with fresh revelations from heaven.


 2012/10/3 20:19


Sister stay kn the New Testament for now. Camp at the feet of Jesus. Get to know him. Let him lead you into rich revelations from his word.

Ruth can't say I am in an environment that loves Christ. A lot of cultural Christians here. But few if any burn with a passion for Jesus and his word.

Will ve praying that God bless you richly from his word.


 2012/10/3 20:37

 Re: Jimp

Brother wonderful testimony about his word being in your life.


 2012/10/3 20:38

Joined: 2012/8/19
Posts: 4
United States


Okay, i will be sure to do that.

Oh wow, how do you keep your faith as well as you do?

Ruth James

 2012/10/3 20:56Profile

 Re: Bearmaster

Ruth the only way I can keep ny faith intact in an ungodly world to to stay close to Jesus and his word. As Moody said if you want to keep a broken bucket filled stay close to the faucet where the water s running. We as broken vessels who want to stay continually filled with Jesus need to be continually in his word and prayer. This us why I encouraged you to camp in the New Testament. Just immerse yourself in Jesus through his word.

Sister I get the impression you are in a secular high school. But have a love for Jesus. Start praying God would bring another sister into your life you could fellowship with. Start praying for your school. For God has placed you there to a light for the unsaved. You, as a living letter for Jesus, may be the only Bible those students see. For sure there are many in your school Gof may want to save through you.

Dear sister, you are the next generation of believers that God may use to complete his work of reaching the lost. We call it fulfilling the great commission. No doubt the Lord has some great things planned for you.

Ruth people like me will soon pass on to glory. But sister the torch will pass to you. Prepare yourself to be used by Jesus. Stay in his word and prayer. For surely these are exciting times we live in as we wait for his return.

Breaux Bear..

 2012/10/4 10:56

Joined: 2004/7/7
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 Re: Is It Really That Important????

Yes, I love the WORD.

It is the only piece of lit in my possession that gives life because it is inspired, no less, by the Holy Spirit.

Sometimes I wonder why I have so many books when they do not give me the delight the WORD does. Sometimes I read a book through twice. If it is really good, will read it through periodically and that is because it details how God worked in the life of the writer or someone else. I love to read testimonies of how worked in the lives of his people. Awesome.

Yes, I love the WORD...I regard it as a love letter from the Father to his child - me. I sense his pleasure, his delight many times when I read it. No other piece of lit has this power. It is because these words have been empowered by the Holy Spirit. Awesome!

Sandra Miller

 2012/10/15 9:15Profile

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 Re: Is It Really That Important????

Although I am far from being a catholic, I recently read a biography on the life of Frances of Asisi, and was convicted by how he reverenced even pieces of the scriptures. If he found a shred of it he would reverently preserve it because he counted it sacred.

I see people sling their bibles around carelessly and it has always bothered me. It is God's word, and needs to be shown respect as such.

I could not live without God's word. I have been saved 36 years now and treasure my times of reading it now more than ever. I constantly ask the Holy Spirit to make my understanding fruitful because after that length of time I still know I can't understand it without Him, and I have so much more to learn.

It is a treasure right from the heart of God, we better not lightly esteem it. His word is a lamp unto my feet and light to my path....


 2012/10/15 9:26Profile

  Gokdminer and Ginny

Wonderful testimonies. I an praying that God grant me a continual hunger for his Word. Goldminer Paul West would liove that testimony about Francis if Asasis.

Ginny thank you for reminding us the Bible is God's love letter to us.


 2012/10/15 9:35

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