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 Numb but awake and appreciative to you.

Again, nothing much to say except thank-you...and for all of your encouragement. It is all in the Lord's hands now....but I want you to all know that God was in the oddest way. I met a leader in Eritrea that you may pray for..He is like a father in the true church...and that this country would be Sovereignly set free; with so many suffering just because they belong to the Lord.

There are men with machine guns on most corners in the Capitol Asmara, and cries of murder in the night, and Taliban types with free reign there....and they hate Jews, Christians, and America in that order.

I am licking my wounds, I guess...and trying to recover physically and emotionally from the ordeal. It was as though the Lord called me to come and die...with no way out. If much came out of it , I obeyed, as unto the Lord....and it was like the Lord called me to Death Row; as His perfect will for me. That is weird.....but He came through for me. Eritrean people are beautiful, humble Semite Africans, evangelized in around 60 AD; possibly through the Ethiopian Eunuch of Candice.

They remind me of black Jews.....which is the race they belong to. Beg God for revival, and freedom for them....and Revival. If I had this to do over again, with the Revelation that I had to go on....I would go again. Now, I am considering going out again in the Spring.

As far as my Mom was concerned.....she had severe Alzheimer's for many years....and that disease is like slow death. She did not recognize me for quite a in a way...I accepted this long ago, and was not affected as if she was younger; or aware of herself; she was not.

She was 92, and along with the death of my younger brother last march, my Dad in '96, and my older brother in '70[ murdered]....I am the last of my family alive. I am not sad about this...but oddly feel a rightness about it all, and am over my grieving. Thank you all for condolences.....but please pray for me in this way....A RETURN TO MY FIRST LOVE!...Jesus. I feel detached, cold, and indifferent about a lot; including Him...which I am ashamed.

There are many good, hidden, and humble saints here.....and I just want to thank you all again....and perhaps I can jump in later in the forum. I hope so...we are in the most amazing conflict of all the ages....and we must wake up. Radical Islam and Sharia domination is in our future, right along with the absolute Glory of God resting upon the church far brighter than ever before....and Nations will come to our light.

I want to be a part of this...and those who attain this Bride. Let us pray for one another.....we are going to need it.....Tom

 2012/10/18 17:22

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