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 God's Fellowship Lost by George Cutting

“When the believer sins, fellowship is interrupted and joy is lost until he comes to the Father in self-judgment, confessing his sins. Then the believer knows that he is forgiven, for God’s Word declares him so in 1 John.

Always remember that there is nothing as strong as the link of relationship and nothing so tender as the link of communion. All the power on earth cannot sever the relationship, but an impure motive or a word spoken out of turn will break the fellowship.

When you find that you have lost the joy of your salvation, humble yourself before God, find out what has caused you to lose your joy, and confess that sin to God your Father. However, you should never confuse your safety with your joy.

We may illustrate this truth thusly: The moon was full and shining with more than ordinary silvery brightness. A man was gazing intently at a deep, still pond, where he saw the moon reflected. He remarked to a friend, ‘How beautiful the moon is tonight! Did you ever see it so bright and full?’

Suddenly the friend tossed a small pebble into the pond. Then the man exclaimed, ‘Hey, something has happened! The moon is broken into pieces!’

‘Don’t be silly,’ his friend remarked. ‘Look up, man! The moon hasn’t changed a bit. It’s the condition of the pond that reflects it that has changed.’

Apply this simple illustration. Your heart is the pond. When there is no evil, God reveals to you the glories and wonders of Christ for your comfort and joy. But the moment a wrong motive comes to you or an idle word escapes your lips unjudged, the Holy Spirit begins to disturb the pond, your heart. Then your happy experiences are smashed to pieces, and you are restless and disturbed until you come to God and confess your sin. Only then can you be restored to the calm, sweet joy of fellowship with God.”

from: His Victorious Indwelling, 188-189

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 Re: God's Fellowship Lost by George Cutting

Wow! Very powerful illustration, that one will stick with me for sure.
I've been wanting to get more of the Brethren writings. I have some by J. N. Darby, J. G. Bellett, C. H. Mackintosh, Hamilton Smith, G. V. Wigram, William Kelly. All with many "gold nuggets" such as this. George Cutting seems to be a good addition to glean from.
Thanks Brother Greg!

R. Evan Gombach

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