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 Steve Hill: Persecution Will Increase in US

At the threshold of this New Year, people everywhere are concerned. Escalating political, economic and social unrest have caused many, even believers, to become perplexed and fearful about the future. Jesus warned us that before His return, perilous times would come. But thank God, He has provided a way for us to not only survive but even thrive during even the most difficult of times. Allow me to illustrate.

My family and I are certified scuba divers. One of the first things I learned as a diver is that inclement weather doesn't necessarily indicate that you're going to have a bad dive. As a matter of fact, the storms can be raging on the surface, but deep below the divers are experiencing a spectacular kaleidoscope of colorful choral and tropical fish.

In relation to this upcoming year, the Lord has spoken to me of rough weather ahead. So, in anticipation, let's all recognize the stormy seas, determine to dive deep and experience the peace of God. 2012 will be a great year as we hear His voice and obey His every command.

In 2012, I predict the following:

1. The nuclear arms race will continue to escalate, giving arrogant dictators unprecedented power. The instability of the Middle East creates fear, which in turn produces irrational behavior through its leadership. Christians must pray that covert operations are exposed before damage can be done.

2. Martyrdom will continue to escalate as radical religious groups lose tolerance with aggressive Christians. Approximately 175,000 Christians are martyred every year. This will take place both in the U.S. and abroad. Christians should pray for their persecuted brethren.

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3. There will be an obvious creation of a new world philosophy with the blending of religions as its core. Traditional belief systems will seem antiquated as a new understanding of the world system is revealed through media and political propaganda. Pray that the Holy Spirit exposes this onslaught of New Age nonsense.

4. In 2012, countries will continue to yield to immigrants in order to keep their sovereignty. The low birthrate will be so alarming that laws will be changed in order to accommodate the population influx from other nations. In turn, many conservative nations will become radically anti-democratic.

5. Persecution will increase in the United States, separating true followers of Christ from Sunday morning believers.

6. The baptism of the Holy Spirit will continue to be relegated to the back room as to not offend the seekers of a more relaxed religion. Christians pray for a HOLY GHOST REVIVAL!

Christians! Don't be shocked at this avalanche of worldwide events. God is omniscient and is in TOTAL control. These things, and many more, must come to pass in order to usher in the anti-Christ. Banks MUST fail in order to incorporate the one world banking system. The BIG boys will overtake the entire monetary system while the small players sit by helplessly hanging on. Giants like China and India will continue to crush the competition while the rest of the corporate world fights to stay alive.

Relax Christians! There must be a shaking and sifting before God's System can rise to the occasion. In 2012, you are safe investing in God's economy, and super-safe storing up treasures in Heaven where moth and rust cannot corrupt.


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Steve Hill: Persecution Will Increase in US

He that has an ear. Let him hear what the Spirit us saying to the churches. Particularly to the church in N. America.


 2012/9/26 7:01

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 Re: Steve Hill: Persecution Will Increase in US

Does Steve count himself in the true believer group or the sunday morning believer group?What non sense is this that is separating believers into groups.At least have the guts to say that the Sunday Morning group are not christian.Or are we developing two sets of Christians Super Christians and the normal christians with a small c.Be clear in what you are saying Steve.

5. Persecution will increase in the United States, separating true followers of Christ from Sunday morning believers

Yours Staff

 2012/9/26 7:15Profile

 Re: Steve Hill: Persecution Will Increase in US

My dear Brother Greg and to the saints,

those are very good words from Steve.

he hit on two points i believe with soul and spirit, that should speak to us. We are called not only to be WITNESSES, but to be "shrewd as snakes, and innocent as doves".

i'll get to that shortly, as brother Steve wrote this:

The baptism of the Holy Spirit will continue to be relegated to the back room as to not offend the seekers of a more relaxed religion. Christians pray for a HOLY GHOST REVIVAL!

these are true words, as for myself, i shy away from the closed fist of 'initial evidence'. As the Lord leds me, that isnt the primary onus of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, which in all reality is a Deeper Revelation of Messiah.

Revival, in its true form, which is God saturating a community in His Divine Sovereignity is sorely, DESPERATELY needed and this Divine Visitation is only stirred by men ...(and women, for that matter) engaging in secret Travailing prayer, it is the most difficult of ministries, one must literally be pressed out, bended to His Will, and one doesnt even see immediate results, In our human spirit, this is most discouraging, but as one's knees hurt in this repose, God sees, and will act. its a Truth in Messiah.

But our God is a God of His Word, and He honors the prayers and tears of a dedicated band of saints so pressed out to see Revival, for the only reason is to bring HIM GLORY...not numbers, not a whopping good time in Jesus.

Let me write of what might seem of worldly concerns, this is the 'shrewd' part, three fold, Jesus told us in the later days, "Sell your cloak, buy a sword". i dont have to expand on that, because God the Holy Ghost will reveal what one needs to do.

God, in His Word, showed us a model of Joseph, one should in that spirit, during the '7 years of plenty' make accomodation, for that next 7 years. Prepare your larder accordingly.

and finally, when a follower of Messiah looks with clear eyes at the economic challenges of the day, fret not, In the New Testament, we see continual references to the 'denarius", a mans daily wage, which was a coin with a tenth ounce of silver, we also see a reference to a 'copper mite', have ears to hear is my prayer, as saints buy their bread with a form of paper money, regard all paper money with distrust, and quietly begin to move towards a 'hard currency'. As your purse allows, bank outside the "bank", buy and accumulate silver "denarius's, while maintaining a humble dependence of Jesus.

the thread one must pass thru In Messiah, is not to "depend" on these denarius's, fore that would be rank, this accumulation is based on the wisdom that God gives as a Gift, to discern the times we live in, and act accordingly, while never ceasing to live in Love of God, with hope, charity and love, underline charity, underline caring for our families, our children and the other Blood bought saints that constitute the Household of God, and the Son Jesus Messiah.

Oh yes, we do store up Treasures in Heaven,and part and parcel of those Treasures, are to resist being CAUGHT UP in a worldwide contagion of FEAR, RESIST IT, flee from it, have nothing to do with it. Fear is like a vile contagion, and its spirit of confusion and diviseness grows daily.

We are NOT given to a spirit of fear, but One of Love IN Jesus Christ, never ceasing to pray night and day for that covenant promise of God, pray for the saints, the righteous of God, made righteous THRU the Blood of Christ and thru the Gift of God , in the baptism of the Holy Spirit, said Baptism, the only way, we, clay vessels can resist fear, resist sin, and Embrace The Son of God in ALL Hos Glory, walked out as a Body IN Him.

i pray you ascertain what i say, as i too, have a holy hunger, a holy desperation for a Revival, both in myself, and in my brothers and sisters, both HERE, and near you, May the Grace of God, the Love of Messiah, be upon you, your family and all the saints here at SI.this i pray which is good to pray, neil

 2012/9/26 8:26


It is interesting that Steve speaks of going deep in your relationship with Christ to endure the coming storm. From a different angle but illustrating the same truth. Jesus spoke of those who would hear his words and act upon them. He said such people are like those who built their house on rock. Thus when the storms did come the house stood.

As I write this I am reminded Jesus spoke these words at the end of the Sermon on the Mount. In both, Luke's short account and Mathew's expanded account Jesus speaks of the blessings of being persecuted and the rewa and joy that come from such. Certainly words we need to heed in this hour.

Saints again, the hour is urgent. Let us ground ourselves in Christ and drive our pillars into the solid rock of Jesus. Spend time with the Lord in prayer and the word. I implore each saint to get into the New Testament. Read and or listen to it. For when we are taken to prison. The only comfort that comes from God's word will be what we have stored in our hearts.


 2012/9/26 10:03

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