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 A prayer for a searching soul

One of the blogs I follow I found this little gem. It is from a girl who is just trying to find out what is true in this crazy world. She follows some atheist blogs as well because that is where I found her blog. I think this is representative of a prayer by many who don't really know what to believe anymore. They are just offering something up in the hopes that something would happen.


My Prayer
Will you pray this prayer with me? I believe there is power in unity, when we all come together with one heart. I am torn apart by all the unrest in the Middle East right now starting with the American deaths in Libya. So here is my prayer:

God of love and truth. Shine your light upon our earth. Let your spirit fall like water on the fires of our anger and fear. Put them out. Fill us up with your love and wisdom. Amen.

I'll be praying this over and over and over again. I need that prayer for myself too. The middle part makes me cry and I want that. I don't want to be callous to this dark and ugly thing. I want to cry over the state our earth is in. And I love the metaphor of fear and anger being like fire. It catches, it spreads, and it eats every good thing up in it's path. I love the image of the Spirit of Love and Truth falling upon fear and anger and instantly turning it into a pile of ash and little tendrils of smoke. But an ending is never enough. There must be a new beginning. Human beings cannot stay empty. After being emptied of destruction they must be filled again with something good. Love. Wisdom. Yes please.

I think even athiests could pray this prayer with me. If you believe love and truth are good and real things can you not wish them for all the people on this earth? If you do not believe that our wishing has the power to make change, you can at least believe that focusing on these good things has the power to change your own heart. And changing our own hearts can spur us to action. If each one of us is changed inwardly, then the whole world changes outwardly too. It doesn't have to be magic. Just the connection of people sharing the same values. Learning to love together. So will you pray with me?

spirit of love and truth. Shine your light upon my heart. Let your spirit fall like water on the fires of my anger and fear. put them out. fill me up with love and wisdom. Amen.


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