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 Spank a kid, get hard time

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden says it’s “paramount” to keep children safe, but a new law he spearheaded will prevent – under threat of jail time – parents from giving junior a swat on the bottom hard enough to help him remember it’s not a good thing to poke a spoon handle into an electric outlet.
That’s because Biden’s new law, signed by Democratic Delaware Gov. Jack Markell Sept. 12, defines any “pain,” even from a loving swat, as “physical injury” and threatens parents with up to two years in jail for disciplining their children.

According to a statement from the Home School Legal Defense Association, which fought the proposal, the law previously permitted a parent to use force to punish a child for misconduct, but it held parents back from any action that caused – or was likely to cause – physical injury. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Spank a kid, get hard time

Sounds like idealism run amok...But then what else can a body expect when there has been a serious loss of respect for the principles as delineated in the WORD.

I wonder if the same law would prohibit law officers from using force on people who resist arrest? or, in any other situation where force is used to restrict people who want to do contrary what authorities demand.

Delaware better get ready to build more prisons...

Yes, it is like Jerry Clower used to say, "Some people have been educated beyond their intelligence."

Sandra Miller

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