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 Pray for Krispy's Family

Well... a few weeks ago I asked for prayer concerning a job several states away. I went there last week and came home with a mind-blowing offer. It is far and above anything I ever expected to see in my life time.

The hang up is that it would be a dramatic change for our children (ranging in age from 7-17) in every way. Homeschooling is much different there...we would have to give up participating in sports, and there is no homeschool community there like we are used to here.

Professionally this is the slam-dunk of a lifetime. Family-wise... we have grave concerns.

I have to make a decision by noon tomorrow (Wednesday Sept 26). My wife and I have no idea what to do... we cant seem to get any peace about this either way, and we just need some clarity.

Please pray for us over the next 24 hours that God would reveal His will in this for us.


 2012/9/25 8:41

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 Re: Pray for Krispy's Family

My prayer partner and I will pray for your situation dear brother.


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Hi Krispy,

I pray that you would have God's peace in knowing His will for you in this.

Now I know you could get a lot of advice from folk and I'm sure that those in your church family that you are in relationship are best placed to help.

I don't really know you or your circumstances, but that in some way distances me from any bias of feeling one way or another. So I would just say, be careful if you don't have peace about the move.

There's nothing wrong in taking a job with great pay....unless it means sacrificing things of eternal value. e.g. your family and their spiritual growth or even yours.

"Now godliness with contentment is great gain". 1 Timothy 6:7.... "And having food and clothing with these we shall be content." v.8


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PRAYING!!! Let us know how the Lord guides you....

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 Re: Pray for Krispy's Family

No one can tell you if this is God but you, and much of life is simply a step of faith, or abiding in a closed door. I expressed my sentiments in your last post Krisp, and I believe that you must be the Priest of your home, and not allow your family, or their wants and needs to rule you. If this were the case with all men, we would have no faith, for Abraham would have stayed home.

"The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me."

 2012/9/25 9:49

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My wife and I are praying for you and your family, Krispy.


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May the peace of God guide you brother. That is our safety in our walks with Him. He will show the way we should walk as we listen to Him and His words the Holy Scriptures.

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 Re: Pray for Krispy's Family

Praying for you all

Sandra Miller

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One guide that I have used, which may have come from a Derek Prince sermon is: Circumstantial signs (open doors), Common sense, Counsel of the saints, Commands of scripture, and last but not least: Condition of peace.( couldn't think of the word that went with peace, but you get the idea.) If all these are followed, then it is a safeguard in making a decision.

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I hope you go brother, BUT, there is nothing worse than not getting a clear picture of what to do.

I am praying for the clouds to dissipate.

At what ever decision you come to, God Bless!

 2012/9/25 20:31

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