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There is a verse in the Bible, that I believe has staggered
many a man, many a woman, and even many a child, and transformed their lives forever. Before we look at this verse, I would like to begin by asking you a question, and I would like you to give an answer, everyone of you in your
hearts right now before we go on. With all the light that you have been given from this book called the Bible, “WHERE DOES
would you say? D.L.Moody
asked that question. If you want to name on your
one hand the five greatest soulwinners the world
has ever known in its history, Moody was one of
those men. He moved more people to God than
any other of God’s servants in the history of the
church. Moody had no eloquence, he had never
attended any theological seminary, and he had no
theological training as the great Torrey did who
took up Moody’s ministry after he died. Moody didn’t
have a standard six (6th grade education). So
without any theological training from any university
or seminary, here was a man, that God was about
to take up and move the world to Himself, as seldom
the world had ever seen or will ever see again.
Why, why would God do that? With a man who
boasted no eloquence, and no dynamic personality,
as the charismatic figures of our world today. What
was it about this man, Moody? He became desperate,
he became desperate with God and with himself.
Do you know why Moody became a desperate man as a young Christian? He became conscious that God was not answering his prayers. Are you desperate about that, sir? God does not answer my prayers. Are you desperate about that if it’s true in your life? Moody became desperate. He prayed, he longed for God to do something so mighty through him. His vision was great, but he became conscious his faith was
small. So he began to pray a prayer. “God, my faith is so weak, I have so little faith. God, give me faith, give me more faith.” And he cried this out in despair
as he realized no matter how much he longed and
believed, nothing was happening in answer to his
prayers. What he was longing for God to do
through him in this world. He began to despair. He
said, “I thought God would answer prayer like
lightning from heaven, as an answer to my groan,
my cry, for faith that I knew I lacked. I thought I
would stand up full of all the faith that I knew I
lacked, suddenly I thought that I would have hold
of faith.” He believed that’s how God would give
him faith in answer to his cry for faith. But that is
not what God did. That isn’t how God worked in
the great Moody’s life. It was a very different way
that God would come. You see, one day Moody got
on his knees and he did something he had never
done before. He came to groan before God the
same prayer he had groaned many times before. He
was about ready to groan in despair again as he finished
another day not seeing any of his prayers
answered. He was on his knees about to say the
same prayer, about to call upon God, which he had
done again and again, in despair. But, he did something
he had never done before. He opened the
Bible, as he got on his knees, he opened the Holy
Book, he opened it, he did what Andrew Murray
said, the godliest man South Africa ever knew in
its history. Andrew Murray said, “Never, never go
on your knees to commune with God unless you
open the Book.” Never allow your communion
with God to be a one-sided affair, one way conversation,
which is you calling on God. Open the
Book! Whenever you open your mouth to cry to
God, expect God to speak to you through the
Book. “This Book is a miracle”, said Andrew
Murray. Whether you are a preacher or layman,
never open the Book for theology or to gain doctrinal
knowledge. Never open the Book without
expecting God to speak to you immediately.
Though these words were written thousands of
years ago, you will find suddenly that God is speaking
to you; those verses are to you. You know that
in every crisis you face, or guidance that you may
need, every time in any moment of life’s trials, if
you open the Book expecting God to speak to you,
you will find the miracle of this Book. You will find
the words come alive for you. You will know this is
God speaking to me, this is not coincidence, this is
God, and you will mark the verses in your Bible.
Moody did what Andrew Murray said, for the first
time. He said, “I didn’t open the Book expecting
anything, I just opened it as I got on my knees. I
began to cry out to God as I had before with the
tears streaming down my face. I cried, ‘Oh God,
when wilt Thou give me faith? Give me faith, God,
my prayers are not being answered, I want to move
the world to Christ. Oh God, give me faith.’ Then
I opened my eyes, and suddenly my eyes fell on this
verse, ‘Faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the
word of God’ (Romans 10:17). I thought to myself,
‘Faith comes by the word of God—faith comes by
the word of God.’” Moody said, “I never asked God
for faith again, for now God had told me where I
was to receive it.” He said, “I shut my doors on the
business of life, all my programs, and all my efforts,
and I started to do what I had never done. I started
to soak myself in the Bible. I used to read five or
six verses a day, pondering them, but from that
moment that I read that verse, I stopped life. I
began to read chapters—and chapters—and chapters—
and chapters. I began to make it the greatest
priority of my life, sometimes spending the whole
day in the Book, where God had said the source of
faith was.” Moody said, “From that time, God has
answered my every prayer.” “God has answered my
every prayer.” Oh, what God was about to do
through Moody, as suddenly he was doing the one
thing God could give faith through. The one thing
God longs for more than anything. It’s not seven
years in a university of books about the Book, and
theologies. Here was a man without a standard six,
and I don’t despise learning; I would be a fool to do
that. Here was a man who took up the source of
faith. He laid down all his other activities and submitted
himself to the discipline of soaking his heart
in the Word of God. From that time, God began to
move in a most amazing way. Suddenly everyone
began to take notice; there is a man in America
that God is using in a most unusual way. He was led
by God to Scotland. He stood in a pulpit unannounced
to the people and looked out at the people
and began to cry; he began to cry and he
prayed. He didn’t close his eyes when he prayed.
He lifted up his eyes and prayed, “Oh God, win this
nation back to Thyself through me.” Does a man
dare pray such a prayer, “Here I am, win this whole
land back to Thyself through me”? Do you know,
God took such note of that man standing there
humble, no eloquence, no learning. Here He saw a
man looking up to God, broken, humble, and God
rent the heavens at that moment. God couldn’t say
no, I say it so reverently about this perfect God. He
couldn’t deny this man, his cry. While Moody
preached, the people came under intense conviction,
and brokeness, and weeping. God swept
through that building, and the people were wailing
before God. It wasn’t limited to the church building,
either. They left the meeting and went out into
the streets and found the whole town was under
conviction. Do you have any idea what God could
do in revival when a man prays in such a way that
God can trust him? When God knows there is
nothing of self in him, and he won’t even look at
September/October 2000 ! The Heartbeat of The Remnant 5
the glory, let alone touch it, not even a sideward
glance. God knew as He looked at this man, and
the faith that was in this man’s heart that He
couldn’t deny him. There were people running out
of their homes who hadn’t been in the church for
years, who were converted. Do you know that in
three weeks there was not one soul in that whole
town who was not born again? There was not one
person in the whole town that was not saved, when
one man prayed with faith. This happened over
and over in Scotland. Businesses shut down, not
for days, but for weeks. Life stood still, as town
after town sought God. The whole world was suddenly
looking; a nation is seeking God. Oh, that
the world would look on like that now.
It takes 15 minutes a day to read through
the Bible once in a year. You have to read slowly to
do that. In 30 minutes a day you can read it twice
a year. I wonder—how many of you read through
your Bible once or twice a year. We have time for
many other things in this land of America. But,
seriously, how many people actually give God 30
minutes each day and read the most powerful, life
changing book there is. My father was saved when
he was 50 years old. My father lived only 9 years
after he was saved. He did more in those nine years
for God and my country than most do in a lifetime.
Do you know why my father was so loved in South
Africa, in nine years of a Christian life? Because he
read through this book, the Bible, 68 times in those
nine years. When my father prayed, we knew that
God was going to answer his prayer. With the
exception of one prayer that man heard him pray,
every prayer that my father prayed, God answered
immediately. Can that be said of you? Do you
know, I heard my father praying for me once as he
was in his room? I opened my eyes and I stood as he
prayed for me, pouring his soul out for me and my
life, and I began to weep, I began to shake and
tremble as my father prayed for me. Do you know
why? Because I knew that this prayer, that he was
praying, God was going to answer. Because God
answered every prayer I heard my father pray, I
wept and trembled as I heard what he was praying
for my life. Will your children ever weep as you
pray for them? Never, unless you do what Moody
did, unless you do what Daddy did, and take this up
as the greatest priority of life. You pray for revival
sir; revival will never come unless you become a
man of this book, and soak yourself in the book
every day. Thousands may pray, but give God a
handful of men, yea one who makes this the greatest
priority of his life, and God can do something.
Don’t doubt it. I knew a man who read this book
over four hundred times. William McFarlen, the
holiest man of God I ever knew. When I stood with
him the first time I met him, I began to shake, as I
realized how holy he was. His face shone with
God’s holy character. Do you know what this Book
can do to you? I want to ask every one of you right
now, answer me in your heart. How many times
have you read this book through? Think about it,
in your lifetime, how many times? Have you even
read it through once? You would be surprised, how
many Christians haven’t even read through the
Bible once in their whole life, shame on you. You
couldn’t give God 15 minutes of your precious time
to read three chapters a day, and get through the
Bible once in a year. Shame on you. Can a man get
away with saying such things in the pulpit in 1999?
Shame on you. You name the name of Christ, your
nation is going to hell, you go to the prayer meetings,
and pray. No wonder your prayers are not
answered. Nothing should take more of our free
time than the Book. Oh God, turn us back to the
Book, turn us back to the Book.

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 Re: “WHERE DOES FAITH COME FROM?” by Keith Daniel

This is fantastic, thankyou. Just what I needed to hear re faith. I heard just this week of one ladie's two teenage sons having just finished reading through the whole bible for the first time. Sadly Gods word is much neglected and we need to encourage the reading through of it much more.

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hi, thank you for posting this wonderful testimony. we need to make it clear that his emphasis is going to God in prayer and God speaking to him through the bible. he was not talking about just reading the bible but praying to the Lord and allowing God to speak.wonderful!jimp the bible needs to be in our hearts in our minds and on our lips at all times for it is Gods love letter to me for my wisdom and direction.

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I am reminded if this quotation below:

"People whose lives are centered around Christ don't just study the Bible to be smarter. They see that every single page of His Word is stained with the blood of Jesus himself. Suddenly the Bible isn't just a text to be studied, but a source of life for a withering branch.". Eric Sanders out of his book, Buck Naked Faith.

In my time with the Lord one morning. The Spirit spoke into my heart. He said "This Book is baptized in the blood of Christ.", Thus confirming the above quote. Now I see why the persecuted will go to great lengths to own a copy of the Bible. Even at the cost of tbeir lives.

Would that his precious Word be our source of life.


 2012/9/24 10:09

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 Re: “WHERE DOES FAITH COME FROM?” by Keith Daniel

Is there an audio sermon that this is from? If so, can you post the link? Thanks for posting.


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 Re: Friedrick

Hi Friedrick,

RE: Friedrick asked //Is there an audio sermon that this is from? If so, can you post the link? Thanks for posting//

This article was transcribed from an audio message by Keith Daniel. But I have not been able to find the audio message. The artical is from the Heartbeat of the Remnant put out by Charity Ministries this is the link to the artical

this is the link to Charity

This is a link to several Keith Daniel messages here on SI

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 Re: jimp

Hi Jimp

RE: Jimp wrote ///hi, thank you for posting this wonderful testimony. we need to make it clear that his emphasis is going to God in prayer and God speaking to him through the bible. he was not talking about just reading the bible but praying to the Lord and allowing God to speak.wonderful!jimp the bible needs to be in our hearts in our minds and on our lips at all times for it is Gods love letter to me for my wisdom and direction.///

Absolute agreement Brother ,great clarification.

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 The Word of God by Keith Daniel

Topic: Scriptures
Scripture(s): Psalm 1  
Description: How important is it to read the Word of God? How often should we read it? Should it have a priority in our lives? In this sermon, you will discover not only just how important it is to read God's Word, but that we should also be hungering and thirsting after our devotional, one-on-one time with the Lord. "Sin will keep me from the Bible, but the Bible will keep me from sin."

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 Re: “WHERE DOES FAITH COME FROM?” by Keith Daniel

GOD bless Keith Daniel! He has inspired the next generation.



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 Re: The Urgency of the Hour

Believing that we are moving into the close of history. As history is His Story. It is absolutely essential to immerse ourselves in the scriptures. In the end times deception will be unleashed upon a par never imagined. Our only protection from deception must be the truth of God's word. Our faith must be strengthened by systematic intake of God's word.

If one can read the whole Bible, do it. But if not, read the New Testament. There are many good reading programs out there. Please choose one and do it. The one I use is quite basic. It is start with Mathew 1 and finish at Revelation 22. Read the New Testament like s book. If reading bores you intersperse it with an audio Bible. Even a dramatized Bible is good. Many good Bible apps available. I use an online Bible app from Bible Gateway. Also a Digital Travellers Bible is a good thing to carry around and listen to.

But saints all of these wonderful apps are nothing unless they are used. A carpenter may have the best set of Sears Craftsman tools. They can sit there all nice and shining. But if they are bot used. The tools do the carpenter no good.

Some may be thinking I cannot read the Bible or New Testament. I don't have time. My question. Why not? Keith Daniels recommends just 15 minutes a day. If one cannot find time to get 15 minutes in the word. Then one is too busy.

I would suggest read at least the New Testament. Do it for overview. Do it several times..To it to get the truth into you. Then you can go back to reflect upon its truth in your prayer time.

Is it safe to reference John MacArthur in this forum. Hope so. John MacArthur recommentake a shorter book of the Bibke. Read it straight through for 30 days. He says by the end of 30 days you will have a good chunk of that book in your mind for the Spirit to feed on

Saints I know a man who is legally blind. This man has read and listened to the New Testament going on 40 times this year. The man's sight is limited. But if the man can go through the New Testament almost 40 times being legally blind what can a sighted person do.

Saints the men and women that God uses greatly in his kingdom bave been men and women of the Bible. Bunyon Spurgeon, and Moody did not have fancy seminary degrees. But they knew the word. It was said they were Biblene.

The believer who spends little time in God's word is not effective for Christ. Do we want to be effective for him. Do we want to be used by him. Then let us get into his word.

I think I will go read my New Testament.


 2012/9/25 17:09

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