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 Heavy Heart

Dear Saints,

I have been mulling and praying about the many posts that I have read regarding suffering and end-time persecution over the past weeks. In fact, I rearranged my work schedule (not an easy task) in order to virtually attend the October 5-6 event posted on SI.

While I am in no way an expert, because I live in America, God has called me to be a forerunner for what is to come. This has been confirmed by reputable elders and prophets.

Brothers and Sisters, the conundrum we face in preparation for suffering is this: We can build up our relationship with the Lord and study our Bibles, both of which are essential preparation, but it is not until the unfathomable begins to happen in our lives, will our true mettle, or lack there of, be revealed.

Many years ago, the Sisterhood of Mary (Basilea Schlink) gave us little cards with simple prayers written on them, because the pressure will be so great that we will have trouble even praying. Wurmbrand could not even remember the Lord’s Prayer while buried in his underground cell.

The enemy knows our weakness and most often it’s self-will, and that will be our greatest test. My encouragement to all of us is to pray against the spirit of deception and pride. It is when we think we cannot fall that we are in the greatest danger and are already deceived. If dying to self-will were easy, we wouldn’t need the dire warnings regarding it as written in the Bible.

I realize I am new to SI, but I have been training and preparing for almost 30 years. Our greatest gift, right now, is repentance. Asking the Lord to reveal hidden sin that can cause our love to wax cold and allow the enemy to deceive us during persecution.

Please know that my intent is only to encourage, not too preach. I’m still learning, repenting, and thankful that God has helped me to endure.


 2012/9/22 12:09

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