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 Healing Rooms???

Can someone please be honest and tell me what are healing rooms? What exactly do people do? Are healing rooms safe? Are they witches? Christians, false Christians? Are healing rooms an abomination to the Lord?

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 Re: Healing Rooms???

Can someone please be honest and tell me what are healing rooms? What exactly do people do? Are healing rooms safe? Are they witches? Christians, false Christians? Are healing rooms an abomination to the Lord? 4gvn-or-4gtn.

Sister the statement of faith of the so-called ministry which you have referred to pretty much says it.

6. We believe in the nine gifts of the Spirit and the importance of the fruit of the Spirit which empowers the gifts.

7. We believe any servant in this ministry must be yielded to the Holy Spirit, seek an increase in the anointing, be open to operate in any gift of the spirit that is necessary, draw daily from the Word and in prayer and continually give God the glory for what He has done.

8. We believe this is a body ministry whereby the whole church (body of Christ) can come together to get the whole church, city and nation healed.

The preceding 5 articles are fine. Do you want it really straight? Run a mile!

(6)The fruit of the Spirit does not empower the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The fruit of the Holy Spirit are the outworking or evidence of the in working of the Holy Spirit. The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are not powered by anything they are rather, indicative of the Life of Christ.

(7)We do not yield to the Holy Spirit in this way. We yield to Christ Who by the Holy Spirit works in us and gives gifts according to His own will. To seek an increase in an anointing is almost occult in its meaning and could amount almost anything at all. The term be open to operate in any gift of the Holy Spirit is spiritualising truth. Again it could easily be a foothold statement for an unclean spirit. We do not draw from the Word (Scriptures) we are taught by the Word (Scriptures). To “draw” in this way by “discernment” I would say means to use the Scriptures like a demonic oracle. Likewise to “draw” from prayer is a wrong emphasis and amounts to inviting familiar knowledge from the air.

(8)The healing being spoken of in the name “healing rooms” is clearly more than simple physical healing. It is most likely a generalised term which includes the physical needs of someone, but is most likely predicated on divination as its essential attendance is the soul. Healing of the emotions, memories and so on are at the root and would probably form the opening part of the so-called ministry. This would make certain that the “ministry” would be driven by familiar or else psychological knowledge and in some instances unclean spirits. You ask about if this amounts to deluded believers. Sadly it is possible for believers to think in this way. All the more reason to avoid it and seek the Lord Himself for all our needs as unclean spirits will be much more effectual working through the minds of believers than they ever would be through unbelievers where such an emphasis on healing is made. It is also about money as well. Though the sessions are free the healing rooms themselves are purchased as are the music CD’s which are played in the rooms themselves. If anyone from the NAHR England wants to sue me please feel free. I will happily provide my details.

It is really something to ask whether this is witchcraft. Your question seems to be already informed by the answer. It may not be quiet “the witch of Vendor” but it would certainly lend itself to natural witchcraft the sort which the Scriptures tells us is a fruit of the flesh (Galatians 5:20).

I know that what I have shared may seem very judgemental but the articles of faith are completely skewed off from Christ and onto men. Though I would say this is largely a ministry which would attract women because it would itself attract wounded and weakened people thereby having an emotional attraction.

Edit Addition.

The following encouragement should give anyone with an understanding of money an insight as to how profitable this enterprise will become.

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 Re: Healing Rooms???


I can only tell you a little bit about them.

They are suppose to be patterned after the ministry of John G. Lake.

They are places to go to be prayed for for healing.

My only experience with one came when I was invited to go along with a friend who "ministered" in one and observe. I believe what I witnessed there is what is called a kundalini spirit. I think I will leave it at that.

Those who "ministered" were followers of the Elijah List and the "prophetic" movement.

So to your post

~ "what do they do"
2 or 3 gathered around the person seeking healing and laid hands on and prayed - 1 or 2 in the group I observed exibiting the kundalini spirit.

~ "are they safe"
I went to observe. Don't think I would want them to pray for me and certainly wouldn't want one of my grandkids there.

~ "are they witches...."
I don't believe so. (I would think of witches more with reiki stuff) Are they Christians? Only God knows their heart. They seem to seek the signs and wonders stuff.

~ "are they an abomination to the Lord"
I can't speak for Him but I don't see much if any healing going on.

Sorry I can't be more helpful. I only went to one and that only one time.

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hi,i have ministered in these rooms in the past and some times we had great results and other times little or nothing.there are many awful things that are going on under the guize of christianity any many wonderful. so it depends upon the Holy Spirit showing up in the room for man cannot heal a gnats wing.jimp

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