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Out of the abundance of the heart
The mouth speaks
Out of the mouth of an angry man
The mouth shrieks

The world follows its own
And in derision it will laugh
God's people follow the Lord
As He leads them down the narrow path

The wisdom of the world
Is mere foolishness to God
And those who walk the broad path
Must choose to ignore His Word

God's word will be heard
Along the narrow way
And there's many a pied piper
To lead the world astray

If you listen to the siren's call
You'll end up on the rocks
If you listen to the world at large
You'll hear just how she mocks

Look and see who stands up proud
And like a flag becomes unfurled
When all they believe is challenged
The ways and the means of the world

God's ways are not the ways of men
We belong outside the gate
He makes us walk the narrow path
And the crooked paths made straight

So many men are entangled
And adrift in the stormy sea
Its better the smite of a friend
Than the kiss of the enemy

Come now and walk the narrow path
And leave the world to its own
Seek Him with your whole heart
And gather before His throne

 2012/9/22 20:10

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