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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : 13th Sermon Index Prayer Call, Sunday 9/23

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 13th Sermon Index Prayer Call, Sunday 9/23

Announcing second to last prayer call to cover upcoming Sermon Index conference in prayer. Lord willing Don Corville will lead off this Sunday night call.

Calk info is as follows. U S callers please call in on 209.255.1000. Canadian callers please call in on 559.670.1000. Access code for both calls is 109083#

Time of calls is 9pm EST, 8pm CST, 7pm MST, 6pm PST.

Calls are open to any who desire to come and pray.


 2012/9/20 11:19

 Re: 13th Sermon Index Prayer Call, Sunday 9/23

Brother Don Corville confirmed he will be leading off on our call Sunday night. And of course that being Lord willing.


 2012/9/20 14:08


Bringing call back on board. Calk info at beginning if thread.


 2012/9/21 7:13


Bringing call back on board. Call info at beginning of thread.


 2012/9/21 11:59

 Re: Re: Most important to pray.

A friend of mine had a father who flew the B-17 Flying Fortress during WWII. His father was told by an English pilot. "Mate you know you are getting close to the target when you see the flack in front of you."

Dear saints the conference us less than two weeks away. The enemy is ratching up the AA. The flack is increasing. The speakers, of this conference, including Greg, are coming under the enemies guns. Particularly as they press into the target

One dear brother was sharing in a national call about the upcoming Atlanta conference. He is one of the conference speakers. This brother was speaking about the house church movement in China. The topic he will be speaking on in Atlanta. The brother got cut off during the conference call. It is my understanding this brother has come under increasing spiritual attack since he said yes to speak at the the conference.

Dear saints I am asking that you please join me this evening as we cover this brother and the other men in prayer who will be speaking in Atlanta. I know many have been covering conference in your prayer closet. But now Iam asking to please come on the con call tonight and raise your voices to Jesus that he be victorious and get the glory in Atlanta.

Lord willing, our brother, Don Corville will lead off. Don has asked that we pray he will have the mind of Christ and reflect God's heart as he shares tonight. Something we pray for all of our speakers in Atlanta.

Call info at beginning of thread.

Blaine Scigin aka Bearmaster.

 2012/9/23 10:12

 Re: Will You Be God's Warthog Tonight?

The A-10 airplane flown by the U S Airforce is an unattractive, almost ugly thing to look at. It is not a hot, fast jet like the F15 or F16 strike fighter. Frankly the A-10 is not something Tom Cruise would have flown in Top Gun.

Flying at a little under 500 miles per hour, the A-10 nicknamed the Warthog is not pretty to look at. But if you are a U S soldier caught up in a firefight. The Warthog may be the best friend you have. For this aircraft used since Vietnam is one if the most deadly ground attack aircraft the U S has.

This airplane, also nicknamed the tank buster, can take out enemy tanks and anti aircraft missile and gun placements. Often before an attack the airforce will send in the Warthogs to take out enemy weapons.

Dea saints we need some Warthogs tonight. We need some brave souls to fly in on intercessory prayer and take out the enemy weaponry. The Sermon Index conference is coming under enemy attack from the evil one. We are trying to scramble a Warthog squadron to fly in and take out the enemy missiles and cover our brothers in prayer so that they may complete their mission.

This us not a glamorous assignment. Very few will know what you are doing. But your Commander Jesus will know. But this is a volunteer mission that will bear fruit for eternity. Jesus us not commanding you to do this mission. But is asking for volunteers.

I am volunteering. Will anyone join ne and be a Warthog for Jesus.

Call info at beginning of thread.


 2012/9/23 16:25

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